Zoom on Femen. Sasha Shevchenko.

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For the International Woman’s Day, who better to interview than one special girl from a famous female activist group FemenSasha Shevchenko. Meeting Sasha and talking to her was a real treat for Your Paris and we hope it will be for our readers as well. Sasha told us about her life in Paris, how she discovers the city, stumbles upon new interesting places and meets friends and kindred spirits from all over the world. Your Paris presents Sasha’s Shevchenko 8 favorite places in Paris for the 8th of March.

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«The first place in Paris that I love is Montmartre, because I live there and I know this place much better than the other places. I feel some proudness when I try to think about all these artists who were living there during the XX century, and all these great talented people who were living around me at this place and I feel like I’m a part of this world’s creativity and this is why I like this place.

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Château Rouge
The second place i like in Paris is the metro station Château Rouge. It is just near by the Montmartre, it is the same neighborhood. It is the place for poor people, for people who immigrated to France. These people are really great artists, really great political or social activists, who escaped from their countries, and who are really kindly welcomed by this neighborhood, by Paris, by France. And I am the same person as they are.

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The third place that I like is the place around the National Opera in Paris, because it is the place where you can see a lot of different tourists, who look at the Opera with opened mouths, and who are shocked because of all this beauty of Paris, and who don’t know where they should go. So it’s a very interesting place with a lot of noise and people, just to see how Paris is living and what it means to be in this city where people want to go to from the whole world.

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The next place i like in Paris is Saint-Germain. It is a beautiful and a rich part of Paris. I like it in a strange way because I’m always lost in these streets, even when I know where I should go and when I know the address, and I think that I know the road, at the end I’m lost in this part of Paris. And that’s interesting because of it, because you can find new streets, new places, new cafes, new libraries… And it is interesting to see who is living in the most rich neighborhood in Paris.

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Pontoise swimming pool
The next place i like is the swimming pool in Saint-Germain, in that rich neighborhood of Paris, but the swimming pool is a state ownership, so it’s really cheap, and it’s wonderful in the evening. From 8pm it’s dark inside the swimming pool, and there are very strange and beautiful lights and classic music. And when you are there, you feel like you are in some kind of mystery place and that under the water you will see Scarlett Johansson or Ryan Gosling, or somebody like these people, so it’s really something like a mystery there.

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The Cricketer Bar
My favorite bar in Paris is the Cricketer because my friends are working there, that’s why you can get drunk really easy and you can have fun there and talk to the staff not only about cocktails, you can talk about different political and social situations in different countries, because they are all from different countries. They are from Sweden, from United Kindom, from Russia, from Iran. And this is a really interesting crew working for this bar, for this pub. They are the soul of this pub, so it’s really cool to be there and it’s really cool to meet different people from different countries there.

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École Militaire
So one more place that I like in Paris is the neighborhood behind the Eiffel Tower – if you look at the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero square. I think everyone who was in Paris has been to Trocadero square to look at the Eiffel Tower, but not everyone went far, and went to the École Militaire which is behind the Eiffel Tower. It’s a really quite place, and there are a lot of French people, French kids who are playing there on the grass. And here is an interesting thing about that: I have a friend whose great grandfather was a co-founder of École Militaire, so when I’m there I feel that somehow I am also a part of this place. So that’s why I like to walk around with my friends near École Militaire.

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So I love Paris and I love to eat, of course, and food in Paris is really great, it’s tasty, natural etc, but sometimes you want to cook something at your house and you want to do that easily, without any pressure and you want to do it quickly. So you can go to this beautiful shop Picard and you can buy different food, from French recipes to Chineese food, or Thai food and and you can cook it in three or five minutes at your place and be relaxed and it’s very tasty and it looks really good. So it’s a good place to buy cheap and natural food».

ps. Big thanks to Anna Gorvits for the help with the photo shoot.

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