Yello’s – a very sunny Parisian restaurant

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This year winter in Paris definitely looks more like autumn: there are some warm days, there are cold ones but there is one thing that does not change – the rain! Winter boots are replaced by gumboots, winter hats by umbrellas. Long story short – it’s raining, man!

Blue sky has not been seen for a great while, dullness and 50 shades of grey are getting under our skin. Crawling out from under the blanket has become an equivalent to heroic deeds and superpowers. All we need during this lame period is just some comfort, warmth and sun!

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But do not despair as there is a magic café in Paris, where in addition to a variety of goodies you can also taste some…Sun!

In Yello’s café you can order a session of real luminotherapy, performed by curious futuristic glasses, emitting safe rays of light. The glasses are used for 20 minutes as this time coincides with the necessary daily dose of sunlight you need.

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Effect? For a while, you can forget about the lack of energy, drowsiness, bad mood and other annoying autumn-winter syndromes caused by the lack of sunlight. And if you decide that you can’t live without your daily dose of luminotherapy and you want to make your sessions regular, you will actually be able to purchase the glasses right in the café!


And here is what on of our blog’s futuristic friends think of Yello’s: Olga: Yello’s is a pleasant café in the center of Paris with colored decor and tasty healthy dishes.  Luminotherapy sessions  for everyone is a successful addition. And most importantly – it works, I sincerely recommend this place if you want to take a break in the grey everyday life and cheer yourself up! “



Besides the useful glasses Yello’s also offers a variety of tasty BIO dishes and desserts and a cute library with books and travel magazines. Therefore, with the magic glasses and the views of warm countries from colorful magazines, for a short time, you can taste a piece of summer during these rainy days!

Victoria: “In addition to luminotherapy I tasted a delicious cappuccino and a dessert. Very pleasant atmosphere and friendly service! Positive energy is guaranteed!”

Yello’s - 58, rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris
Monday to Friday from 8h to 19h
Saturday 9h to 19h

PS : Stare into the sun!


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