What to do in Paris this weekend? Daumesnil Day!

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On the 13th December this Saturday you will have an opportunity to attend several events in one that mix all kinds of artistic disciplines in the 12th district of Paris! It’s time for Daumesnil Day!

Daumesnil Day

Fashion, Workshops and Music at Le Terrier

A series of events for all kind of tastes and ages are expecting you. Those who are into fashion and in search for original gifts for winter holidays might be interested in attending the event called “12 biswhich reunites young designers, artists, illustrators and all sorts of creative people at 22 rue de Wattignies, 75012 at Le Terrie artist workshop.


During the event you will be able to discover a rising brand called Madame Chat and participate in a treasure hunt for some secondhand goodies, a real “fashion brocante” for reasonable prices! All pieces are pre-selected with great attention by the hosts! Statement jewelry fans will discover a brand called Truc&Toc and their willd and roaring universe, combining the flora and the fauna in their creations.


A series of DIY workshops will be held during 12 bis. For example you will be able to learn how to easily create stylish and sophisticated accessories for different occasions. And men will be inspired by meeting Carlito, a barber who transforms beards into masterpieces!


At Le Terrier (you can learn more their stylish attitude here), you will be surrounded by paintings, frescoes and installations that you will be able to discuss with their authors directly! Olivia de Bona, Lapin Thur and Theo Lopez will gladly share their artistic vision with the visitors!

For those who enjoy good music and street art, you will be able to meet the members of the the artists collective called 9eme concept. You might have read about them in our Tour Pleyel article.

Quoi de 9

Apart from being well known street artists the members of the collective have also elaborated an interesting concept called “Quoi de 9 ?“, which is a weekly musical podcast for fans of vinyl, good vibes and new discoveries. Each week, a friend of the 9eme concept is called within the collective workshop to bring and mix 9 vinyls of choice on their turntables!

During Daumesnil Day all the visitors will be able to listen to the vinyls live and also meet the members of the collective at Le Terrier workshop!

Art Exhibition at L’Arrière Boutique

Another interesting event will be hosted just nearby, in 5 minutes reach. Those who like to purchase art for themselves or as a gift, should stop by the “Carbone et Spirito” exhibition at 7 rue de Capri, 75012 at L’Arrière Boutique.

Carbone et Spirito - photo by Kym Nguyen

Here you will be able to find original works and editions of such artist as:
Carricondo Stephane - Ned Nedellec - Jerk Quarentecinq - Clement Laurentin - alexandre D’ALESSIO - Lopez Théo - Lapinthur - Olivia De Bona - Seb Niark1 - Gilbert Mazout - The Blind - Pedro Richardo - LX One - Jeykill Bleu Noir - Mattia Lullini- Alina Vergnano – Pablito Zago – GoddoG - Bruno Christian Leyval- Stew Lus - Joachim Romain - Paella Chimicos -Jean-Jacques Tachdjian - Renaud Faroux!

Carbone et Spirito - photo by Kym Nguyen

Different artistic technics are represented at Carbone et Spirito: linogravures, xylogravures, prints or even silkscreens to offer you an eclectic and broad choice.

Daumesnil Day will indeed be a great opportunity to prepare your Christmas gift basket, take part in creative and original workshops, see and learn new things, meet new people and interact with the best artistic minds in Paris! Be sure not to miss!

Daumensnil Day 
Le Terrier - 22 rue de Wattignies, 75012.
L’Arriere Boutique - 7 rue de Capri, 75012.

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