Villette Street – The Festival of Urban Culture in Paris

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From the 30th of May till the 1st of June La Grande Halle of the Parc de la Villette will become a vast playground of diverse activities: street art performances, hip hop dance battles, beatbox, skateboarding, music concerts and much more awaits the visitors at the best urban event of this spring - Villette Street Festival!


Check out our blog’s selection of the activities not to miss during the event.

Hip Hop Dance

For the Hip Hop fans the event proposes an impressive dance battle called Hip Hop Games Concept, where the best dance crews will do absolutely incredible things in front of your eyes. The HHGC was founded in 2010 by the French choreographer Romuald Brizolier, also known under the name Romss of the  R.A.F Crew.


HHGC is a groundbreaking event, based on improvisation and interpretation of the artists. A free rein will be given to the participants, who during three hours will compete to show their imagination, emotion and creativity through the art of dance. To the delight of the spectators, four crews will come to defend their artistic universe on stage by competing in several contests. And those who got truly inspired by the dance battle will be able to participate in a Hip Hop dance workshop.


Urban Sports

The sports fans will be able to attend a basketball tournament involving 32 teams of the French Federation of Basket Ball, and to participate in footfreestyle and skateboarding workshops.The visitors will also be able to meet  the Yamakasi, the world famous French crew of practitioners of parkour – a free running sport and an expression form that reverses the constraints of the urban elements to create a true art of free movement.


Street Art

And for those who appreciate urban art and graffiti, a Street Art performance will also be hosted during the Villette Street Festival. At the entrance of the peristyle of the Grande Halle, two giant murals will be left to the expert hands of two crews – 9th Concept from Montreuil and Douze Douze from Bagnolet.


Street Food

During the festival, the street culture will not only fill your minds, but also your plates. The food trucks, a new form of restoration that mixes culinary innovation and usability, will be present at the festival to surprise curious participants with real urban dishes.


Beatbox Workshops

And of course the programmation would not be complete without music. The visitors will be able to participate in Beatbox workshops hosted by Hutch – a beatboxer present at every championship in France since 2007 and the winner of the BeatBox Battle of Bilboa in 2013 (Spain). The workshop will be opened to all beginners. After the presentation of the history of beatboxing, you will discover the potential of your body vocal capacities (lips, tongue, throat), begin to create rhythms and sounds simultaneously, and even participate in awesome group improvisations.


Hip Hop Concerts

The coolest part is that every day the festival will end with great music concerts. Some awesome performers will heat up the atmosphere. The Flatbush Zombies will make you scream, Underachievers will make you want more and Oddisee will take you on a real journey! And one of the most expected bands of the festival – the legendary Public Enemy - will be a real urban cherry on the cake!


The entrance to the festival and its activities is free. The concert tickets cost €35. The full program can be seen here.

Villette Street Festival

30th of May – 1st of June
La Grande Halle de la Villette

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