Tour Paris 13 – The Street Art Wonderland

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It all started last October, when Paris gained a second most popular tower, which nearly became as famous as the Eiffel Tower. The residential building named Tour Paris 13 has become a worldwide phenomenon as it was completely transformed into the biggest Street Art ephemeral exposition that has ever existed!

Tour Paris 13 -  Kruella D'Enfer

1floors, 36 apartments, 4500m2 of hardwood, 80 street artists from 16 different countries: this has been an exciting awesome journey! If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Street Art Tower, let’s take a sneak peak together!

Tour Paris 13 -  El SeedTour Paris 13 -  Loiola - Tinho

Tour Paris 13 -  El Seed

Tour Paris 13 -  Rapto - Pixacao

Brought to life by Gallery Itinerrance, the project that lasted only for 30 days last October was a true success. More than 25 000 visitors, some of whom even spent 13 hours in line, had an opportunity to enter this ephemeral Street Art Temple, as the destruction of the tower started on the 8th of April.

Tour Paris 13 -  BtoyTour Paris 13 -  Uriginal

Tour Paris 13 -  UriginalTour Paris 13 -  Add Fuel

C215KatreEl SeedRaptoPantonioLek & SowatGuy DenningHOPNNMarko 93Stew, Seth, Kruella d’Enfer and many others have participated in the creation of this Street Art Wonderland, where each artist invites us to discover their own unique universe!

Tour Paris 13 -  Pantonio

Together with their various technics and limitless creativity they managed to turn a residential building into a real festival of urban art. From one discovery to another, we see the multiplicity of technics – aerosol paint, chalk, light painting, 3D collages and even famous Brazilian pixação performed by true acrobats!

Tour Paris 13 -  Roti - Lek - SowatTour Paris 13 -  Katre

Tour Paris 13 - PeetaTour Paris 13 -  Marko93 - Light Painting

During the visit we stumble upon secret rooms and hidden passages and even a pointillist stunning reproduction of the Sistine Chapel, revealed in the reflection of a small silver ball.

Tour Paris 13 -  StinkfishTour Paris 13 - Sambre

Tour Paris 13 -  Kan

Tour Paris 13 -  Kan

Tour Paris 13 -  Kan

In his interview for the blog, the organizer of the event and founder of the Gallery Itinerrance, Mehdi Ben Cheikh, Doctor of Fine Arts, describes the project as “a real artistic and cultural exchange between different generations and styles of street artists, who have spent nearly seven months together to achieve this major project”.

Tour Paris 13 -  KatreTour Paris 13 -  Flip

Tour Paris 13 -  JbrockTour Paris 13 -  2MIL

In full coherence with the street art movement, every colorful piece of the Tour Paris 13 will disappear in the rubble. It might seem upsetting that such a masterpiece will be destroyed, but as Mehdi Ben Cheikh precises: ”The destruction of the tower is an art performance in itself, it is a part of the continuity of the experience: we should not get attached to the materialistic, but live the project as an adventure”. 

Tour Paris 13 - AlëxoneTour Paris 13 - Alëxone

tour-paris-13-your-paris (35)Tour Paris 13 - Alëxone

The destruction will be a part of a digital and transmedia experience. A documentary made by Thomas Lallier will be shown on  France Ô channel, and a book by Mehdi Ben Cheikh called “La Tour Paris 13, the biggest Street Art exhibition” will be available in autumn.

Tour Paris 13 -  SethTour Paris 13 - Stew

Tour Paris 13 - StewTour Paris 13 - Paul Arraiano

This project has also generated a huge impact online and offline all over the planet, strongly relayed by users on social networks around the # tourparis13.

As a matter of fact, the Tour Paris 13 has been much more than just project : it has been a true artistic experience, a generous exchange between the streets and the galleries, countries and cultures, styles and generations; an exchange with no boundaries or prejudice – only pure art.

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