Top 5 Coffee Shops in Paris! It’s Wakey Time!

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Having a hard time to stay awake? Here is a list of our Top 5 coffee shops in Paris. Cozy, chic, stylish, hipster, bohemian – for any taste and mood. Don’t be so ristretto and check them out!

coffee paris macaron KB

Ten bells
Situated two steps away from the bohemian Canal Saint-Martin Ten bells is a tiny café hidden behind a beautiful blue door covered with flowers, where the magic does not stop at the doorstep and continues in your cup.

blue coffee

Lovely paintings on your cappuccino, tasty drinks made from coffee beans from different corners of the planet and an impressive coffee machine that does true wonders. The owner of the place is Thomas Lehoux, one of most talented barista in Paris, who gathered his priceless experience in the most famous coffee bars in the city and at last opened his own café in 2012.

ten belles2

The interior of the place has a modern yet cozy design – colorful foldable chairs, wooden tables, luminescent lamps on the walls and a lot of smiling people around. If you are in search of a bohemian crowd, Ten bells is surely the place to be! Here you’ll be surrounded by journalists, painters, musicians and travelers from all over the world. And as for those who like to take their coffee sweet – you will find your happiness among the homemade chocolate muffins, banana cakes, creamy cupcakes and much more. The menu of the café always evolves to continue to surprise its visitors.

Tuck shop 
Tuck shop is a little piece of Australia in Paris also situated a few steps away from the charming Canal Saint-Martin. The design of the place reminds of an interior of a Melbourne school with its spacious wooden tables where you can sit all together with your friends, cute aquariums filled with flowers and curious plants, lovely mosaic floor, colorful books and of course charming hosts.

Coffee in Paris Tuck shop

The café was opened by three beautiful friends from Australia, who bake all their goodies themselves. Tuck shop offers a great variety of delicious coffee drinks and vegetarian dishes. Toasts, panini, sandwiches, salads – all organic and all tasty. And for those who want to take it easy on their caffeine level – rose lemonade is our personal favorite.

Kooka Boora 
KB is situated in the heart of Montmartre and has a great terrace and also a really comfy interior design. KB stands for Kookaburras – terrestrial tree birds native to Australia. That is why here you might be served by an Australian barista or a waitress from New Zealand, for example.

KB coffee inside

As for the interior – cozy chairs with pillows and a space filled with light and good mood will make you want to spend your whole day here. The café is equipped with Wi-Fi access and you can work at KB while drinking a great cappuccino, espresso or americano to boost your creative energy. The owner of the place Nicolas Piégay traveled the world in search for a perfect coffee and stopped his choice at the Australian one. That is why the coffee drinks here are mostly Australian specialties.


KB café also has a variety of homemade organic salads and chocolate chip cookies. By the way, the shooting for our interview with the gorgeous Sasha Shevchenko from Femen took place at the terrace of the KB café.

This is an awesome place for all the freelancers and tourists out there. The concept of the Anticafé is brilliant. You pay €4 the first hour and €3 for every supplementary hour, or you can pay €14 for the whole day (the café is opened untill 11pm). For this price you get unlimited access to Wi-Fi and also to an amazing coffee machine and even a fridge filled with goodies.


Basically you can ask the barista to make you a coffee drink of your choice any time you feel like you need to charge your batteries. You can also serve yourself with muffins and cookies available in the café whenever you want.

anticafe goodies

Unlimited coffee – what else? However there’s more. If you are in a playful mood, the café has hundreds of board games to choose from. And as for the design, it’s an equal pleasure to work and chill here – modern, classy with a resemblance of a beach house atmosphere with its pastel colors, cushions, inviting blue marine couches and comfortable tables. Great place to work, play, hang out and meet interesting people in a friendly atmosphere! Anticafé became such a success that it expended and now you can choose from two different locations, both situated in great spots of the city!

La Caféothèque
La Caféothèque is actually THE place where the French coffee revolution started, therefore if you are a true fan of coffee, this spot should definitely be on your list. La Caféothèque has a large collection of coffee from different continents.


It was opened by a former Ambassador of Guatemala Gloria Montenegro, who today is considered an expert for best quality coffee from different corners of the planet. Gloria is also an educational director of the school of coffee.

coffee in paris la cafeotheque

The design of the place indeed reminds of a real coffee school where you are about to attend some cafeology classes. La Caféothèque is the place where you really don’t want to skip your class, as here in a room with a wall covered with different coffee plants, you can study dozens of drawers with aromatic unroasted beans, read while drinking one of the best espressos in the city and even check out an ancient piano or attend coffee exhibitions organized by La Caféothèque.

PS. Drink coffee – do stupid things faster, with more energy!

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