Things to do in Paris – Our creative guide for Autumn 2014

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Autumn 2104 is going to be boiling with creative events to mark in your agendas. Learn about beautiful exhibitions and awesome vernissages in our guide of cool things to do in Paris. With everything that’s going on, Paris will certainly justify the title of the city of inspiration! Oh yes, it will…


Famous artists and photographers will make your autumn much more colorful than expected. A real kaleidoscope of ideas and creative universes! In the program: renown street artist C215, rising star Jessica LeGuillon, surprises from NUNC Gallery and Galeries Lafayette, paintings of Dali revisited by the street artists, a giant photography art fair at Carrousel du Louvre and much more. 

Street art by Nosbé at NUNC Gallery
6th September – 10th September

September will be a great time to visit the NUNC Gallery and meet renown French artists in person. From the 6th till the 10th of September the gallery invites you to discover the universe of Nosbé.

NUNC gallery - Nosbe - Paris

French artist in his thirties from the southern suburbs of Paris, Nosbé is a member of the collective PPA since 2005. NUNC invites you to meet him and learn more about his work during the book signing, dedicated to the release of his new book Opus Délits , published by Critères Éditions publishing house.

Nosbé biography is quite interesting. The artist spent several years in Tahiti where he got introduced to Pacific arts and tattoos representing divinities in the form of highly stylized faces.

His colorful murals filled with emotion have a very intriguing dynamic and a style that will not leave you indifferent. Some might find a bit of Keith Haring in his works, some even Arcimboldo, one thing is certain – Nosbe works are fearless and impressive.

Galerie NUNC - Nosbe - Paris

The book signing and the vernissage will be held on the 6th of September from 3pm till 8pm.

30 years of Tetris at NUNC Gallery
13th September – 27th September

From the 13th till the 27th of September NUNC Gallery opens it doors to a group of artists for a collective exposition called “Level 4” dedicated to 30 years of the world wide famous Tetris game.

The exhibition will run in parallel with the BAB’s gallery. An opportunity for artists from CPN collective to present their project called “Tetromino”, exhibition resembling over 49 artists.

Galerie Nunc - Tetromino - Paris At the NUNC Gallery you will have an opportunity to meet such artistes as Baubô, Mega Matt and Sara Chelou. The vernissage will be held on Saturday on the 13th of September from 2pm till 7pm.

Dogs in the living room by Farid Rasulov at Galerie Rabouan Moussion
6th September – 11th October

Rabouan Moussion Gallery goes on exploring emergent cultures with the debut solo exhibition in France of Azerbaijani artist Farid Rasulov, after its success at the 55th Venice Biennale. He will present an installation taking place all over, covering the space from floor to ceiling with traditional Azerbaijani carpet. The destination of an ornament, whether carved or painted, is to beautify an object.

Galerie Rabouan Moussion - Farid Rasulov - Dogs in the living room

Through this installation, Farid Rasulov questions the notion of white cube so dear to contemporary art and transforms, by repeating the same lines and curves, its stripped austerity. The role of the fabric is not to maintain the functional but to be there to confront West and East.

The space becomes an extreme variation of the present staked by an ancestral material composition, which is at the same time useful and symbolic. The sensory experience plunges the viewer into a particular universe, which still remains to be discovered.

Dalí and Street Art at Espace Dalí
11th September – 15th March

Just like Dalí, street artists are limitless when it comes to their sources of inspiration and convictions, the materiel and the mediums they use. About twenty urban artists have met the challenge. In dialogue with the works exhibited at Espace Dalí during the exhibition - “Dalí fait le Mur”, each of them created an artwork which dares to confront the surrealist universe with the vocabulary and the codes of urban art: painting, stencil, design, light painting, sound and installation.

Espace Dalí - Dali fait le Mur

Polymorphic, explosive, rebel, bewildering, funny, unusual, non-conformist, popular: description of the Dalinian method or that of the Street Art? Beyond the creative process, what brings these creators close to one another is their unique way of revealing the world: provocative, iconoclastic and wild.

Codex Urbanus - Dali-fait-le-mur - Espace-Dali

Happenings (wall fresco in the rue Poulbot, meeting with the artists and signing of their books) will periodically set the pace of the exhibition. A specific “street art” workshop will be dedicated to children. All this with the help of the curator: Veronique Mesnager, expert in urban art.

The lineup of artists is truly impressive : Nowart (an amazing artist, who we already wrote about here), Akiza, Artiste Ouvrier, Fred Calmets, Codex Urbanus, Hadrien Durand-Baïssas, Jadikan, Jérôme Mesnager, Les King’s Queer, Kool Koor, Kouka, Levalet, Thomas Mainardi, Manser, Nikodem,  Paella, Pioc PPC, Sack, Speedy Graphito, Valeria Attinelli, Zokatos.

Vernissage of Jessica LeGuillon at Coworkshop
11th September – 10th October

The exhibition «Arrêt sur Image(s)» by Jessica LeGuillon opens the series of “arty” eventsat the Coworkshop, where you are invited to the opening of a colorful vernissage held on the 11th of September at 7.30pm at 29 rue des vinaigriers 75010. The exhibition will last till the 10th of October.

Your Paris - Jessica Le Guillon - Claudia

Your Paris - Jessica Le Guillon - Bianca

The paintings of the artist are inspired by iconic women of the 50s, 60s and 70s era such as Claudia Cardinale and Bianca Jagger. The artist effectuated a documentary investigative work on the period through books, magazines, fashion press, movies, et…

During the exhibition you will discover the paintings that consist of collages (from magazines, newspapers, prints, photos, etc) and/or aerosol, that bring out the fine lines of the portrait painted with acrylics.

If you would like to learn more about Jessica’s art you can read our interview. And to learn more about the Coworkshop space in our article.

Holiday Souvenirs by Fenx at Galerie MathGoth
12th September – 4th October

The French artist Fenx will exhibit his “Holiday Souvenirs” at Galerie Mathgoth. Many people experience sadness when the holidays are over. When Fenx was little, his father told him not to be sad that the holidays are over. How else would we enjoy our holidays next time? Fenx has grasped the wisdom and spiritual greatness of these words much later in his adult life. Now, the father’s words have served as inspiration for the artist’s latest series of paintings.

Galerie Mathgoth - Fenx - Paris

For Fenx, nothing is more poetic than those promises made between sweethearts on a summer holiday that will never see the day. Through four series of works Fenx explores the theme of memory and passing time. According to Fenx, the allegory of life – birth, death, and rebirth – is best reflected in the holiday. Memories fade over time. This is perhaps best expressed in the image of the summer romance.

Exhibition by Philippe Jarrigeon at 
Galeries Lafayettes
23rd September – 15th November

Galerie des Galeries is the cultural space of Galeries Lafayettes in Paris. Located on the 1st floor, the space was designed to encourage visitors of the boulevard Haussmann store to discover talented young artists of today and tomorrow. Galerie des Galeries’ program, organized around four exhibitions per year devoted to both French and international artists, aims to highlight the interdisciplinarity that exists between different domains of art including fashion, the visual arts and design which have always inspired Galeries Lafayette.

Galerie des Galeries - ©Philippe Jarrigeon

This year Galerie des Galeries will be celebrating 25 years of ANDAM (National Association for the Development of the Fashion Arts) by inviting photographer Philippe Jarrigeon to exhibit his work. With “Grand Magasin” (“Department Store”, in French) he has created a series of images inspired by this place and people’s experiences of it.

Whether through still images, fanciful portraits of customers and staff, or facetious group pictures, he reinterprets 15 of the most iconic past laureates of ANDAM. In this project, Philippe Jarrigeon recreates an ideal department store and illustrates 25 years of fashion history in a festive and unique setting.

Exhibition UNDEFINED at 6b Saint-Denis

18th September – 21st September

Joachim Roman and Jungle, residents of a great artistic spot 6b, invite artists from different backgrounds to achieve a common exhibition. The aim is to compare their techniques and practices. The exhibition will take place for four days in the 6b showroom (300m2) with ephemeral installations outside.

Joachim Roman - 6B

The lineup consists of artists from various fields and is simply awesome. You will be able to meet:
Joachim Roman, a visual artist, who will present photos, sculptures and an installation called “La maison bleu” (the blue house),
Stéphane Carricondo, painter, founder of the 9eme concept artist collective, who also participated in the In Situ Art Festival and Tour Pleyel this year,
Romain Froquet, painter, member of the 9eme concept and the founder of the project called Open the Door,
Koansan, a photographer, who during one year took pictures in the streets with a Leica,
- Jungle, the artist who will present a wood structure of 10m set outdoors,
- Gilbert Petit Mazout, an artist who participated in the Tour Paris 13 project and Tour Pleyel, who does impressive drawings with chalk,
The Blind, the only artist that does street art with the Braille system.

team Exhibition UNDEFINED at 6b

The vernissage will take place on the 19th of September starting from 4pm till 12am. Great opportunity to meet the members of the project and discover their unique artistic visions.

C215 at Opera Gallery
First Retrospective Exhibition “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”
17th October – 8th November

Opera Gallery Paris is proud to present the very first retrospective exhibition dedicated to the French Street and Stencil Artist, Christian Guémy, aka C215. In just a few years, C215 has become one of the world’s favorite talents of the current Street Art generation – and one of the rare French artists to fully assume an international career.

Opera Gallery Paris - C215

The theme of this exhibition, entitled “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood” spans the entire period of his ten-year career and includes all of the artist’s favorite mediums: posters, cardboard, mailboxes, road signs, recycled wood…

Opera Gallery Paris - C215Opera Gallery Paris - C215

The 35 works of art on display reveal all the intricacy of C215’s favorite subjects: travelling, childhood and adolescence, street life and scenes, animals– including his famous cat, world history, literature, the arts and, of course, the artist’s daughter Nina, who has become the painted eye witness of her father’s artistic exploration.

Kaléidoscope by Gérard Musy at Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
4th November – 11th November

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff is pleased to present the new work of the Swiss photographer Gerard Musy, displayed in a pop-up space in the Marais, within the Mois de la Photo.

Le Kaleidoscope by Gerard Musy is as a multiple and dynamic concept, visible day and night. In this ephemeral space in the Marais, Kaleidoscope is exposed in different ways: in a slideshow projected on the window, on a wall covered with prints and a portfolio that shows all hundred images of the series.

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff - ©Gerard Musy

The music of Eric Satie and John Cage, music boxes and musical comedies will accompany the visitor in this immersive and vibrant vision.

Photo exhibitions at CENTQUATRE
5th November – 7th December

A huge creative laboratory and a must place to visit – CENTQUATRE is forging ahead with photography. Following the major critical and public success of the Circulation(s) festival, the CENTQUATRE becomes increasingly open to photography. During the Mois de la Photo in Paris, it will be exhibiting works by two artists – Aitor Ortiz et Jean-François Spricigo, who both work in black and white photography.

CENTQUATRE - ©Jean-François Spricigo

Their approaches are very different from each other, but their works both demonstrate the same depth of graphic potential. Where one questions the very concept of representation, the other is interested in the absent part of the image.

The “Intromisiones” exhibition has been designed as a cross-interpretation, revealing the Spanish artist Aitor Ortiz’s confluences and research. The work on display is from a range of eras, presenting integral parts from his series and distinct periods.

Photographer Jean-François Spricigo chases the horizon whenever he can, has an unconditional love for nature and animals. His exhibition “Toujours l’aurore” takes on several different forms, a kaleidoscope within the same gaze, making clear the fragmentary nature of any creative pursuit.

Photography Art Fair – Fotofever at Carrousel du Louvre
14th November – 16th November

The Carrousel du Louvre welcomes the international photography fair Fotofever for its fifth edition. An inimitable Parisian event during the Mois de la Photo, it presents the opportunity to capture a young, creative generation, soaring in popularity amongst collectors.

Fotofever - ©philippe assalit portrait de galila

Fotofever’s mission is to promote the discovery, encouragement and development of artists through the acquisition of their works. The aim is to encourage young generations, passionate about photography – a medium of communication par excellence – to inspire new collectors and to share the collector’s fever.

A selection of over 100 international galleries will take the limelight. This year, the continually evolving fair has appointed a committee to approve the quality of selected galleries: it is comprised of l’Association des Galeries d’art Paris – represented by its co-president Baudoin Lebon and Belgian collector Galila Barzilaï Hollander.

More than ever before, this photography art fair positions itself as the emerging platform for those wishing to discover the artists of tomorrow.

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