The Street Art wears Converse signed Da Cruz

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Every Saturday until the 5th of April in the Converse boutique in Citadium you will be able to purchase a pair of Converse painted right in front of you by the famous street artist Da Cruz.

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Da Cruz has been in the street art field for more than 20 years, during which the artist has developed his own unique style.

The graffiti of the artist cannot be confused with anyone else’s. If a friendly tribal-space character with eyes as big as our universe is looking at you from a freshly painted wall – you should know that it’s likely the creation of Da Cruz.

da cruz gallery

The artist, who comes from a Portuguese family, loved to draw and watch cartoons about the Maya tribe treasures as a child. Fast enough these two hobbies merged into one true passion and led Da Cruz in the field of street art, presenting Paris with a talented and generous artist, who embellishes the city with his curious graffiti, reminiscent of the Incas and the aliens at the same time.


For a long time Da Cruz graffiti could have be seen on the streets of the 19th-immigrant district where the artist is truly adored by all the citizens, without exception. Over time contemporary art and street art galleries became interested in his work. For example in 2010, the artist has painted an entire room for the George Pompidou museum, decorating it with a fresco of 25m2 for an exhibition entitled “Dreamlands”. But the artist does not forget his roots and still paints a lot in his favorite part of the city, Ourcq and Stalingrad, the beautiful 19th, to the great delight of its inhabitants. And for those who want to know more about Da Cruz, you can visit the exhibition of his work entitled “Signal Etnik” at the Gallery ligne 13 until the 22nd of March.

There you will be able to find paintings and even sculptures made by the artist. The exhibition was such a success that it has been prolonged several times.


So come pick up your new space Converse exclusively made for you by Da Cruz in Citadium from 3pm to 7pm on Saturday 22nd and 29th of March, and  5th of April.

Exhibition Da Cruz “Signal Etnik” runs until 22nd of March at the Gallery ligne 13 from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.

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