The art of the naked body – a revealing master class at Lab 7

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“If you wish  to be beautiful and seductive the shortest way to do it is through truly living it.  Try not to evaluate your model, instead try to enjoy and discover her unique beauty” - Irina Kolesnikova.

This weekend in the creative laboratory in the heart of Paris Lab 7 you have a great opportunity to attend a master class of a famous photographer Irina Kolesnikova. Irina is a fine art photographer, specialized in Art Nude. During the past few years she has traveled the world with her workshops: Russia, Germany, Italy and now France.


Irina is a self-educated photographer. But she didn’t come to photography straight away. At first Irina studied to become a professional musician – flute and vocal, later on she became an actrice in a musical and then worked as an assistant director at the theater. Her accumulated experiences, rich artistic background and love for photography helped creating a unique working system based on emotional emancipation of the photographer and of the model.


During this master class you will be able to learn the basics of her system. You will study breathing and relaxation technics, widely used in the practice of acting and adapted by Irina for her photo-shooting. This system will help you get over the psychological barriers that often interfere with the process of shooting.

Master Class at Lab 7 will be interesting as for visual arts students and professional photographers, as well as just for everyone who loves photography. The cost is 90 euros per person.


4 Comments on "The art of the naked body – a revealing master class at Lab 7"

  1. Ox

    Спасибо большое за Ваше сообщение – мероприятие, несоменно, будет интересно как с точки зрения перенятия опыта у столь опытного и артистичного фотографа, так и в силу новаторского подхода – использования в работе с моделями и с самим собой психологии и правильного дыхания. А главное, как вовремя Вы об этом написали – остался день до записи!

  2. Daniel

    I was really lucky to attend the exhibition of Irina’s works in Russia when my friends took me there and I can say I was deeply impressed not only by the beauty of her models but by the emotional part of the photos as well. Undoubtably, nobody remains untouched. Undoubtably, getting to know the secrets of her magic is of great use to any photographer.

  3. VK

    Да, мероприятие действительно привлекает внимание своим необычным подходом к искусству фотографии ! Спасибо за своевременную информацию.

    P.S.: Ваш Sharing is Really sexy !!! ,)

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