The sexiest spots in Paris – “Paris Couche-Toi Là” by Camille Emmanuelle

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“Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right.”
― Woody Allen

For the international book day we stumbled upon one hell of a sexy book written by Camille Emmanuelle. It’s called “Paris Couche-Toi Là” which literally means “Paris sleeps around”. This could be your perfect desk book, your indispensable guide through… no, not the city of romance, but the capital of desire! To write this erotic guide, Camille Emmanuelle tested more than 60 Parisian hot spots, and you do know what we mean by “hot”, right?

paris-couche-toi-la-camille-emmanuelle - illustration Fred Bernard

If you want to know where in Paris you can splash around naked in a swimming pool, buy a baguette in the shape of a… hmm… gentleman’s sausage, watch X-rated movies in an ancient movie theater, buy the sexiest lingerie or a perfume called “Archives 69”, or see the best burlesque shows in town – this book will serve you well!

Paris couche-toi la - Camille - Emmanuelle - Couverture livre - Fred Bernard

Wonderfully written, “Paris Couche-Toi Là”, published by Parigramme, is full of humor and good tips for those who really want to discover the sensual side of the French capital and themselves included. With her curious, amusing and sometimes critical view, Camille Emmanuelle shares her experiences at all the spots that she tested for the readers.

The book starts with the “Preliminaries” where the author tells about the creation of “Paris Couche-Toi Là”, and then consists of 7 exciting chapters.


The first chapter is called ”Check Out” and tells us mainly about the places in Paris where you can find sensual and cultural pleasure at the same time. Here the author shares her impressions of the museum of Eroticism, for example, where she discovers diverse sexual objects and devices and an exhibition dedicated to ancient porn movie posters straight from the 70s! Make love, not war, huh?

paris-couche-toi-la-camille-emmanuelle - illustration Fred Bernard The second chapter “Buy” guides us through the best (and the worst) sex shops and lingerie boutiques in town. Here you can learn about a famous shoe shop Chez Ernest that sells the highest hills in Paris and designs shoes for Crazy Horse dancers, or read about the perfume house Etat Libre d’Orange that recreates the scent of the passionate night of love – this one can make some competition to Histoires de Parfums.

paris-couche-toi-la-camille-emmanuelle - illustration Fred Bernard

In the chapter “Experiment” we follow the author and dive in the Roger Le Gall swimming pool, where it is obligatory to keep your hat on, and the rest of your clothes off! We discover the true deep meaning of the song “It’s getting hot in here” following Camille Emmanuelle to Parisian hammams with a kinky touch and to an impressive burlesque show at La Manufacture.

In the very tasty chapter “Eat“ we savor Camille’s experience at the Legay Choc - the one and only bakery in Paris where baguettes, cakes and chocolates are known for their curious shape.

All the goodies, whether they are tiny or more like Rocco Sifreddi (we know you know who he is) are made in the shape of a penis. The writer also gives us her top 5 addresses where to grab a bite (it should sound lovely in French) after a wild night.

In “Drink and Go out” we discover the secrets of Paris by night with its hot spots, like Carmen – a chic night club where you can plunge in a comfortable sofa, listen to a groovy music and drink up your “Orgasm”  in a huge authentic XXL cage! We also learn about where to dance the last tango in Paris and so much more…

paris-couche-toi-la-camille-emmanuelle - illustration Fred Bernard

In the chapter “Sleep (or not)” the writer shares her experiences of testing some of the hottest Parisian hotels. It’s always important to look at your partner from a different angle and the best way to do it is to rediscover each other in a fancy hotel room! One of them – Hôtel Edgar - strikes the author with its sensual decoration : here any couple can feel like porn stars in the most successful and a very lo-o-ong X rated movie. Hopefully XXL rated, however.

paris-couche-toi-la-camille-emmanuelle - illustration Fred Bernard

In the last chapter “Fantasm” we follow Camille to the most famous libertine clubs in Paris. We put our kinky masks on and visit the Mask, a libertine club only for couples. Here in the stylish postpunk decorations the guests can find everything they need: chic beds of all kind of sizes, pole-dancing corners and even a special room decorated with white vinyl…

paris-couche-toi-la-camille-emmanuelle - illustration Fred Bernard

One of the cool things about this book is that not only the author tested all the places herself and sometimes with her boyfriend, but she also rated every spot by its “hotness”, and the illustrations made by Fred Bernard help us to imagine all the fun that the writer experienced.

And without a doubt at the end of the book you will certainly know where to search for some real flames. Have fun exploring!


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