Sergeant Paper – Concept store in Paris

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If you are into collecting art, the concept store Sergeant Paper is a place you should visit! It welcomes you under its glass roof for a design and lifestyle shopping experience.

Sergeant Paper

Here you can easily fall in love with the right artwork, find the best gift for a special occasion or treat yourself with an authentic souvenir from Paris!

The Concept

The 38 rue Quincampoix, home to Sergeant Paper, is also a meeting point for artists and graphic arts enthusiasts set right in the heart of Paris, minutes away from the Georges Pompidou Center.

Sergeant Paper

Sergeant Paper defends an art accessible to all, non-elitist, in order not to deprive anyone of  the pleasure of owning the right artwork.

Both editor and distributor, Sergeant Paper offers a wide range of artworks in the fields of Graphic Arts, Urban Arts and Illustration by French and International artists.

The Story

The story behind Sergeant Paper starts in the basement of “Facteur Celeste”, an old ethnic shop, which was used as a music studio by Pierre.

Sergeant Paper

When the owner announced that she was closing, this young graduate in advertising could not possibly imagine leaving the beautiful space and decided to reinvent it.

Sergeant Paper

Passionate for graphic Arts and comic books, Pierre invited Vincent into the project and together they opened the Issue Gallery. Soon the gallery became a “must see” Parisian spot for Graphic Arts, Street Art and Illustration. However, for the two founders it was impossible to stop here, as they already had a million new ideas going through their minds.

Sergeant Paper

It is then that Cyrielle joined the adventure. After graduating from Art management school, she wanted to work in a non-conventional gallery, a modern concept store to express her passion for graphic arts.

Those three creatives now together, it only takes them a while to reinvent the gallery into a new concept store: Sergeant Paper!

Sergeant Paper

If each one has it own speciality, it is with great complicity  that they think the space and project to make of Sergeant Paper a concept store that will enchant you by its charm so peculiar.

The Products

From established artists of Street Art (Miss Van, Shepard Fairey, Mode2….) to confirmed and upcoming young talents (Thibaud Herem, Shane, Marynn, Jean Jullien…) here you can find everything.

Sergeant Paper

With a selection of over 1000 references of all formats and technics, between 20 and 400€, you can treat yourself with an affordable artwork.

All the available artworks are carefully selected, with the highest quality in paper and natural pigment inks, and all come with a certificate of authenticity delivered by Sergeant Paper.

This unusual concept store also invites you regularly to join them for special events, exhibitions, product launches, in order to always offer you the latest releases and introduce you to new young talents.

Sergeant Paper

If you are a street art or an enthusiast for illustration, the 150 m2 of Sergeant Paper, steps away from the Pompidou Center, will make you loose your mind and give you pleasure for the eyes.

Sergeant Paper

Sergeant Paper also offers you a sharp selection of books, magazines and stationary carefully picked out one by one by a passionate team, and also has its own clothing line, Sergeant Cotton (organic cotton apparel printed), which never runs out of creativity.

Sergeant Paper Sergeant Paper
38 rue Quincampoix, 75004
Tuesday – Saturday 12.00-8.00pm
Tel: 01 42 77 12 46

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