Autour du Saumon – Best Salmon Restaurant in Paris

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For those who enjoy seafood, but most of all salmon, the restaurant Autour du Saumon is what we call a full package. Here you have a selection of products of excellent quality (caviar, salmon, spices, olive oils), a choice of salmon from different origins, a great collection of eaux-de-vie coming str-r-r-aight from the cold… and you can taste all of this in 5 luxury delicatessens with 2 tasting rooms.

Autour du Saumon - Restaurant Paris - Plate with salmon

Autour du Saumon is a little savouring trip to Scandinavia with a French touch. It was created in 2006 by Didier Trentacosta, which has become a real expert in Nordic products.We went to taste the new gourmet menu formula of the restaurant (starter, main course and dessert, all for 49) with our good friend and expert in the best places in Paris MademoiselleBonPlan.

Autour du Saumon - Restaurant Paris - Plate with salmon

Autour du Saumon is surely a restaurant where you can taste products of quality and also discover new flavors.

On the menu :

  • An appetizer with French Baeri caviar. To preserve the taste of the caviar the restaurant proposes to eat it with spoons made of mother-of-pearl! That is indeed one tasty discovery.

Autour du Saumon - French Baeri caviar and pancakes

  • 5 starters of your choice: Overlay of tartares of avocado and fresh salmon, Taramas trilogy, Salmon sashimi with sesame, Fresh pie with smoked salmon and citrus, Variation of marinated Danish herring.

Autour du Saumon - Overlay of tartares of avocado and fresh salmon

  • 5 main courses of your choice with salmon in all its forms: Smoked or marinated salmon dish, Marinated salmon with dill prepared in “Gilbert Becaud” way, Roasted salmon steak with teriyaki sauce and sesame, Hot smoked salmon steak “Bradanroad” and two knife cut salmon tartares.

Autour du Saumon - Hot smoked salmon steak

  • 5 desserts of your choice: Baked Alaska (also known as “Omelette à la norvégienne”, a dessert consisting of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue – and the biggest surprise – a little flame on the iceberg…. a must try!), Chocolate fudge, Compote of moment with speculos, Cheese cake with salted butter caramel, selection of Ice cream and Sorbets.

Autour du Saumon - Baked Alaska

What can we say more? Autour du Saumon is a perfect place to enjoy a Scandinavian lunch or dinner with a French touch! The food is excellent and the service is friendly. Add to this a glass of sparkling Champagne and you might see the northern lights or aurora borealis… Sometimes you can just travel within Paris by going on a tasty journey ;)

Autour du Saumon - Restaurant Paris

Autour du Saumon / Saint-Paul
60 rue François Miron – 75004 Paris
Tel. : 01 42 77 23 08

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 10.30pm and Sunday from 10am to 7pm

Other boutiques : Convention (2d tasting spot), rue des Martyrs, Auteuil, Villiers

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