Paris Beer Week with FrogPubs

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“Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.”
― Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you consider yourself a real beerdrinker and you want to taste the best craft beer in Paris, then Paris Beer Week is a perfect event for you! From 24th of May to 1st of June 2014 forget about feeling thirsty and discover new flavors, during the first craft beer festival in Paris. Great snacks and good music are also on the list – Homer Simpson is going to be so jelaous!


The participants of the Paris Beer Week: wineries, breweries, microbreweries and other distributors of the delicious nectar of yeast-fermented malt from 5 continents will be taking part in the feist. And the best place to finish the beer is of course the good old Frog & Rosbif pub!


During the festival you’ll be able to attend a homebrew competition, beer tastings in the presence of brewers, different gourmet events, conferences and thematic workshops and other tasty events… And the best part – more than 1000 different sorts of beer to discover!


One of the most famous Parisian pubs will participate in the event as well. On Saturday on the 31st of May from 6pm till 9pm the Frog & Rosbif pub, situated at rue Saint-Denis, will leave its tap handles to six microbrewers, invited especially for the festival. It is at this very pub that 21 years ago Paul Chantler, founder of FrogPubs, passionate about craft beers, brewed his first pint!


This interesting event called “Take over our taps“  is organised to promote and support the revival of Parisian microbreweries. For them it is a great opportunity to gain visibility for the general public, because  only their beers will be on sale during this evening.


You will be able to taste and buy products of such microbrewers as Deck & Donohue, Brasserie Parisis, Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or, Brasserie La Baleine, My Beer Company and Outland, till the last beer drop!


FrogPubs is also a pioneer in production of craft beer, since it already has a range of brewed beers that includes six original beers with not less original names – Frog Natural Blonde, White House, Ginger Twist, Parislytic, Inseine and Dark de Triomphe – served in 7 FrogPubs and 2 FrogBurgers.


But the creativity of FrogPubs does not stop here, as they are launching the new limited edition of six beers – the Superhero Series! Each is showcasing a variety of American hop (Crystal, Citra, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus) which gives it its own particular flavor and color, and a unique character…


And like every superhero, each beer has its own personality. The names of these new beers (Ba Ba Boom!, Kapow!, Wham!, Kersplat!, Zonk! and Thawack!) remind us of the adored comic books “Made in USA” – the land of Superheros, and also the starting point of the wave of craft beers currently raging in France.


So drink up and have fun during the Paris Beer Week!

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