Outsider Art Fair 2015 in Paris

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Chicorro, "Untitled," 1987, wood and paint

For all art lovers this autumn will be generous on fine art happenings and events. The Outsider Art Fair is one of the important events in the art field that will present the Fair’s third edition.


The Outsider Art Fair has announced the roster of exhibitors for its upcoming third Paris edition, which will run during FIAC from October 22-25, 2015, at Hôtel Du Duc, 22 rue de la Michodiere. This new venue, a former chateau of the Duke de Morny, will accommodate 36 dealers, up from 25 the two previous years.

Outsider Art Fair 2015 Exhibitions

There are 13 new dealers for Paris. This includes three of the most esteemed galleries in the field: Carl Hammer Gallery (Chicago) is renowned for representing seminal artists like Henry Darger and Joseph Yoakum. Ricco Maresca Gallery (New York) has championed important artists such as Bill Traylor and represents the estate of Martin Ramirez.

Joseph E.Yoakum   Paradice [sic] Range Near Damascus Syria South East Asia. C. 1969  Ballpoint pen and colored pencil on paper 12 x 18 inches. Gallery: Carl Hammer

Hirschl & Adler Modern (New York), which has a long history with self-taught art, represents the estate of the critically acclaimed James Edward Deeds (a.k.a. the Electric Pencil). With the return of Cavin Morris Gallery (New York), Fleisher Ollman Gallery (Philadelphia) and Galerie du Marché (Lausanne), the third edition of OAF Paris is sure to have the broadest selection of blue-chip art brut and outsider art thus far.

Joseph Lambert, "Untitled," 2015, ballpoint pen, marker, and pencil on cardboard

The fair’s reach continues to expand internationally with new dealers that include Budapest Art Brut Galeria, Art Naïve Gallery (Moscow), England & Co. (London) and Maroncelli 12 (Milan), and also with the return of Atsuko Barouh (Tokyo), Rizomi Art Brut (Turin) and Galeria Estação (São Paulo).

Pictured- Joël Lorand, "Freaks," 2012, colored pencil on cardboard.

OAF Paris will feature a solo presentation of the works of 33 year-old Japanese sculptor Shinichi Sawada, whose reptilian ceramic monsters astounded visitors at the 2013 Venice Biennale, the Collection de L’art brut and London’s Wellcome Collection in recent years.

Chicorro, "Untitled," 1987, wood and paint

The expansion of the Paris edition of the Outsider Art Fair reinforces its reputation for presenting works by the world’s most celebrated self-taught creators along with newly discovered artists from around the globe.

Outsider Art Fair 2015 Round Table

Sex and Outsider Art: Basic Instinct and Sexual Representation in the Artworks of Aloïse Corbaz, Henry Darger, Miroslav Tichy and Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

What is the contribution of sexual impulses in the creation of Outsider Art? How do Outsider artists embody these impulses in their paintings, drawings and photographs? Is sex one of the conditions for the emergence of the Outsider Artist? To answer these questions, our panelists, will examine the works of four artists: Henry Darger, Aloïse Corbaz, Miroslav Tichy and Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.

Henry Darger - Vivian Girls

This panel will provide an opportunity to analyze the “Vivian Girls” of Darger (1892-1973), these young, naked girls sometimes represented with male genitalia, and a chance to understand the meaning of the pink lotus concealing the sex of the naked body of the great Juliette Récamier of Corbaz (1886-1964).

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein - Marie

Isn’t the obsession of Tichy (1926-2011) to photograph every day, furtively, the women of Kyjov near the swimming pool or in their intimacy related to the artist’s life and sexuality? As for Eugene Von Bruenchenhein (1910-1983), he only took photographs of one woman, his wife Evelyne Kalke, known as Marie, mostly in erotic poses that placed sexuality at the center of his work.


Magali Croset-Calisto: sex therapist, psychologist and author.

Dr. Gerhard Damman: psychiatrist and psychologist, Outsider Art collector.

Hervé Di Rosa: artist, pioneer of ‘Figuration Libre’ movement in the 1980s, co-founder of the International Museum of Modest Art (MIAM).

Choghakate Kazarian: curator at Museum d’Arte Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and its recent exhibition Henry Darger: xxx.

Friday October 23, 2015
11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Places limited
RSVP info@outsiderartfair.com

This panel is organized and moderated by Fabien Simode, Editor-in-chief of the magazine L’Œil.

Outsider Art Fair 2015 Curated Space

Sculptures by Shinichi Sawada

Shinichi Sawada was born in 1982 in Shiga, Japan. Diagnosed as autistic, Sawada has spent the majority of his adult life living at the Ritto Nakayoshi Sagyojo, an institute for the mentally disabled, where he divides his time working in the sculpture studio and in the hospital’s bakery.

Shinichi Sawada

Sawada’s work has been exhibited very selectively, most notably at the 2013 Venice Biennale, the Collection de l’Art Brut (Lausanne, 2008, 2013) and the Wellcome Collection (London, 2013).

What is Outsider Art

Although the roots of Outsider Art can be traced back thousands of years, it is most useful to look back to its most recent precursor, art brut (Raw Art) to hear the most vital articulations of its true spirit. In his 1947 manifesto, French artist and curator Jean Dubuffet coined the term art brut as follows: “We understand by this term works produced by persons unscathed by artistic culture, where mimicry plays little or no part (contrary to the activities of intellectuals). These artists derive everything…from their own depths, and not from the conventions of classical or fashionable art.”

zultán Bogdándy, "Nyúltenyésztő anya gyermekével (Rabbit breeder mother with her children)," 2009, mixed media

In his 1972 book championing art brut, Roger Cardinal called it Outsider Art: “I believe that a paramount factor in the critical definition of the creative Outsider is that he or she should be possessed of an expressive impulse and should then externalize that impulse in an unmonitored way which defies conventional art-historical contextualization.”

Image 3: Thiago Una untitled, 2015 ballpoint pen on found card 20 x 12.5 cm Gallery: Rob Tufnell

Dubuffet and Cardinal were writing primarily about extremely marginalized European artists: psychotics, mediums, and eccentrics. This has caused the common misconception that Outsider Art is essentially pathological, when in fact the central characteristic shared by Outsiders is simply their lack of conditioning by art history or art world trends.

Henry Darger, Untitled (At Jennie Richee, they admire the beauty of the tropical nimbus clouds)Over the years, the parameters of Outsider Art have expanded dramatically to include art made by a wide variety of art-makers who share this common denominator of raw creativity. Outsiders come from all walks of life, from all cultures, from all age groups.

Outsider Art Fair 2015 Paris
October 22 – 25, 2015

Hôtel du Duc
22 rue de la Michodière

75002 Paris, France

Thursday, October 22nd: Vernissage 5:00 – 10:00 pm
Friday, October 23rd: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday, October 24th: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday, October 25th: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Outsider Art Fair New York 2016
January 21 – 24, 2016

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