Nuit Blanche 2014 in Paris – Awesome Things to Do

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Nuit Blanche is a great event in Paris when all kinds of artistic projects come to life during the whole night to nourish your imagination. It is a real treat for those who are eager to discover multiple facets of art. This year this free dusk ’til dawn carnival of arts and culture will be held on the 4th October.


For our readers we selected some awesome creative events, taking into consideration our well known passion for street art. This Nuit Blanche will be full of pleasant surprises such as Jef Aerosol, for example.

JEF AEROSOL at Halle Freyssinet

Jef Aerosol is a French stencil artist from the first wave of street art of the early 80s. His work can be seen all over the world from the Great Wall of China where thrones his famous “Sitting kid”, to the center of Paris where his famous self-portrait of 350m2 kindly asks you to “Chuuuttt !!!”

Jef Aerosol

Historical figure of street art in France, Jef Aerosol was given “carte blanche” to invite ten artists to paint by his side the alcoves of Halle Freyssinet to illustrate the diversity of graphic writings from the 80s to nowadays.

 Halle Freyssinet - Jef Aerosol

 Halle Freyssinet - Dan 23

 Halle Freyssinet - Brusk

By the side of Jef Aerosol: Mademoiselle Mauritius, Brusk, Dan 23, STF Moscato, Jean Faucheur, Red and Monkey-Bird.

HAPPENING CHROMATIC at Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design

Prior to its first international edition in April, Chromatic Festival presents a Happening in the heart of Nuit Blanche. The festival straight from Montreal brings its artists to Paris to create a beautiful collaboration and cultural exchange with Parisian street art talents.

Chromatic Festival

The line-up of Montreal artistic scene will shine bright. Laurent Craste will create a phantasmagorical show of shadows, Dominique Pétrin will surprise the public with his optical illusions, Garbage Beauty will impress with their calligraphic writings on all sorts of unexpected mediums, and artist collective EN MASSE will inspire with their hypnotizing black and white universe.

Chromatic Festival - Dominique Petrin

Chromatic Festival - En Masse

For this Happening Chromatic, Jason Botkin – one of the founders of EN MASSE – will open the creation process accompanied by Sixo Santos, Kashink, Monsieur Plume, Stew, Mast, Veenom, Lapin Thur, Théo Lopez and Olivia De Bona.

Cité de la Mode et du Design

Doesn’t sound like something you would want to miss, huh? No worries, you won’t, as the event will last for 3 days! From 3rd to 5th October.

OUTDOORS STREET ART SHOW in the 18th arrondissement

Lapin Thur and Théo Lopez will participate in a outdoors group show in a wasteland in the 18th arrondissement, transformed by street artists into a wicked place, where you would want to hang out every night!

Friche - 6 rue Myrha 75018

With artists such as Romain Froquet, Joachim Romain, Stephane Carricondo and many others, you will enjoy the poetic universe that turns destruction into pure beauty.

That night your philosophical thoughts of the goodness of the world will be developed by positive vibes and of course some tasty food and drinks. Sounds like a plan? Rendez-vous for the event at 5/7 rue Myrha, 75018 and 25 Rue Stephenson, 75018 at 20h00.


For those who for one night would like to feel themselves like kids again, there is a great event. Artists and residents will realize their creations at Ancien Lycée Jean Quarré deserted for years, to revive it. A very intriguing event!

A L'Origine (peures et delices)

The main mission is to find the fears and delights of our origins. In this forgotten place, visitors will be guided through the evening by actors, teachers / performers, dancers, architects, publishers, writers, a singer and a musician.

At any time of the event you will be able to hide in cabins, walk around the exhibits, visit the ephemeral library, attend unusual courses, create a sand mandala – all at 12 rue Henri Ribière 75019 Paris.

Fred Le Chevalier

Fred Le Chevalier – ©Julie Coustarot

Fred Le Chevalier (illustrations/collage), Collectif Quatorze (cabins), Professeur Kouro (mandala performance), and many other participants, who throughout the whole night will make this event memorable for each visitor!

LA VITRINE – LIVE PERFORMANCE in the heart of Marais

Looking for various things to do for Nuit Blanche without having to run around the city? Then you are invited to discover different artistic disciplines in a single place!
Masters of Photography, Street Art and Music will come together to create a beautiful art piece highlighting each and every talent. Welcome to La Vitrine!

Live painting - Lab 7 - La Vitrine

Lab 7 invites you to enjoy this wonderful live performance from 21h00 at 8 bis rue Pecquay 75004! Live painting and photo series projections will be realized on a huge window-case. The performance will be followed by a Jam Session starting from 23h30 to celebrate the creativity of mind together!

The line-up looks promising: Anna Lubeigt (photographer), Kira Vygrivach (photographer), Alain Polo (photographer), Théo Lopez (street artist), Jo Moyoshi (street artist), Bastek Street Art (street artist), WaxiBox (beatboxer), Polo BeatBox (beatboxer).

Paris - Lab 7

NB: Our blog is one of the organizers of La Vitrine event. So if you want to come and have a little meet and greet, we will be happy to see you there and share the creative joy together!

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