Smells like Moulin Rouge at Histoires de Parfums

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to recreate a scent of a famous historical personality or even an epoch in a perfume bottle, where the fragrance would lead you through time and adventures? And what if nowadays with the help of modern technologies and fearless imagination it would be possible? Luckily it is!

Histoires de Parfums

The famous and very creative Perfume House Histoires de Parfums, situated in Paris at 11 rue du Roi Doré, has been creating perfumes that can help you to travel through exciting and romantic epochs.

Histoires de Parfums is a library of scents housing 16 volumes of sensual and sophisticated fragrances. Written by Gerald Ghislain, each bottle tells the story of famous historical characters and mythical years. With this rich fragrance library, the passionate perfumer wanted to evoke stories through scents just as books are written with emotions.

One of the most intriguingly used emotions is passion, and the Parisian Moulin Rouge is the best place to experience its sweet taste and scent! Voulez-vous flairer avec moi? ;)

french can-cqn3

The “1889 Moulin Rouge“ fragrance was created as an ode to the history of the famous Cabaret where French Cancan was born. In the heart of Montmartre, the most well-known cabaret in the world lights up Paris with its festive and enchanted mood. Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minnelli, Colette, Mistinguett, and La Goulue, muse of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec all started here at the legendary avant-garde scene!

The legend is told through the bottle and read through the sсent! This famous burlesque theater was brought to life in 1889, and the fragrance is a celebration of liberation and passionate, dazzling women. Histoires de Parfums honors “1889 Moulin Rouge” with a sensual, vibrant scent, full of vivacity and elegance, with a hint of feathers and sequins.

Histoires de Parfums - Moulin Rouge 1889

Histoires de Parfums - Moulin Rouge 1889

This is how Histoires de Parfums beautifully describes the sent: “Champagne glasses clink and the curtain rises. The music starts and the dancers make their entrance. The play of senses begins! Spicy Cinnamon warmly mixes with Sugar and melts into Absinthe, while Rose of Damascus releases her sensuality, playfully seducing each spectator with her allure. The show ends and the curtain falls, but the back stage party continues. The smell of Iris Powder and Lipstick float out to the streets on a cloud of Musk and Patchouli.The memory and scent of this unforgettable night lingers through the morning.”

And for those who want to spice up things and turn their household into a real cabaret, the Perfume House has also created a perfumed candle with the scent of Moulin Rouge.

Histoires de Parfums - Moulin Rouge 1889

As for the mythical characters of a long past time, they also have been brought back to life by Histoires de Parfums by creating a fragrance for each of them.

Discover the feminine characters of the library of scents with the sublime figures of George Sand, Mata Hari, Colette and Eugenie de Montijo, who all together according to Histoires de Parfums “create a gallery of characters in full color, a declension of many stylistic devices. Romantic, epic, neo classic, and erotic…”

Histoires de Parfums

And of course no sent library would be complete without the masculine characters. Histoires de Parfums continues to astonish our odor palette with fascinating figures of Jules Verne, Casanova and Marquis de Sade.

If in your everyday life you don’t really feel like a sensual burlesque dancer or a seductive Casanova, not to worry, at least you can smell like one. Oh oui!

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