Most interesting houses in Paris

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This week in collaboration with the talented photograph Anna Gorvits, who has been busy with exhibitions lately, we discovered the most interesting houses in Paris. Curious to the eye and filled with history up to their rooftops – here is our first edition of awesome Parisian houses!

Pink houses at Montmartre

One of the famous pink houses at Montmartre is a cabaret called Lapin Agile or Nimble Rabbit is situated at 22 rue de l’Abreuvoir. This beautiful house is known not only for its bright color, but also for its rich history.


In the beginning of the XX century this place was a favorite meeting point for great musicians, poets and painters of the epoch. 

The cabaret became world famous after Pablo Picasso created an oil painting called “At the Lapin Agile” back in 1905. Nimble Rabbit was often captured on canvas by another artist of Montmartre - Maurice Utrillo.

Picasso, Modigliani, Dorgelès, Appolinaire, Jacob all found themselves enjoying the hypnotizing ambiance of the cabaret. Besides, the vineyards of Montmartre were always just across the street. The cabaret Lapin Agile is still continuing to discover new talents of French song performance. And near the cabaret, at 2 rue de l’Abreuvoir, there is another pink house – a famous restaurant of French cuisine called La Maison Rose.


Floral wall at Sentier

Situated at 40 rue des Petits Carreaux, an amazing flower wall offers the citizens of the Sentier district a true breath of fresh air. Created by the vertical garden specialist Patrick Blanc, the floral wall was planted recently, in Spring 2013. With the surface of 250m², it regroups a composition of more than 7600 plants of 237 different species and varieties! The plant wall creates an isolating surface between the inside and the outside, just like an air cushion.

paris-vertical-garden-sentier-patrick blanc-mur-vegetale

It reduces the need for air conditioning during the summer time and the necessity of heating in winter. In this district with a lot of traffic, it acts like a true filter – polluting particles are retained mechanically, then decomposed and mineralized by micro-organisms, and finally absorbed by plant roots. This living painting surely attracts the curious views of Parisians.

Narrow house at Bonne Nouvelle

Situated at 97 rue de Cléry, near Bonne Nouvelle area, there is one of the narrowest buildings in Paris called the House of André Chenier, named after the famous poet of greek origin, who worked in the neoclassical style of the time. With his sensitive and emotional poetry, the poet is considered to be one of the precursors of the Romantic movement. He lived here before being arrested by the revolutionaries in the XVIII century.

paris-maison- André Chenier

In 1903 a shop selling newspapers and possibly wine was situated on the first floor of the building. In the XVII century the street was called «chemin des Gravois» or the street of rubble, because a waste dump was situated here. But afterwards the area turned into something more chic.

 Artist squat Les Frigos at quartier de la Gare

The artistic squat has a truly impressive history. Originally Les Frigos was a refrigerated warehouse built in 1920. Years later in the 1970s it became an industrial wasteland, and the building was later occupied in the 1980s by newcomers, artists and artisans, attracted by its volume and quality of its thermal and sound isolation.


The Mairie de Paris became the owner of the building in 2003 and since then the premises have been transformed into real artists’ and music studios. Despite all the uncertainties and changes of ownership, Les Frigos remains a benchmark among the new “territories” of contemporary art with more than hundred artists and ninety workshops!

Fifteen different professions are engaged in activities at Les Frigos, ranging from small industries to publishing, arts and crafts, with its own micro-societies and associations that ensure the operation of rehearsal rooms for actors or musicians.

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