Mini-Olympics in Paris!

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In the midst of the Olympics everybody wants to feel like a real athlete and experience the reckless spirit of the competition for a gold medal. If this year you did not make it neither to the Olympic team, nor to Sochi, you still have the opportunity to feel like a champion of biathlon or curling right on the banks of the Seine …!

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In Paris a 100 meter biathlon track was set on the shores of the Seine with the help of the European Event association. Here you will be given real skis and even a laser gun to be all set for a miniature Olympic race.

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And if you ever wondered what hides behind that mysterious sport called curling, or in French, “petanque sur glace”, you can always try to skate with a puck on the colored ice rink set up for the game.

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And for those who get hungry after all those sport activities, a cozy sport café was set in the improvised Olympic village with a variety of snacks and drinks.

Miniature Paris Olympics especially fascinate kids who gladly learn how to ski and develop a real team spirit.

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Paris Olympic village is open from 15 February to 2 March, from 10am to 6pm

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