The Man passing through the wall – a curious Parisian monument at Montmartre

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If you are in an inspirational mood, I suggest to devote your time to … a man passing through the wall! Do not panic, this is not another joke of David Copperfield, but one of the lesser-known monuments of Paris, hiding from the tourist eye in the flowery alleys of Montmartre.


Legend has it that the monument was created by the French actor and stuntman Jean Marais (which in addition to acting, was also a sculptor, painter, writer and director). It is said that Pablo Picasso himself saw talent in Jean Marais in his first sculptural works and could not understand why such a promising sculptor “spends his time on shooting some film and work in the theater.”

In 1937, Mare met with Jean Cocteau, the French artist, writer and director, who anticipated the emergence of surrealism. He virtually managed practically all creative experiences for what Cocteau was called “The Prince of luck.” When they met, starting actor Jean Marais was 24 years old, Cocteau, already quite famous at the time, was twice as old as Marais and took him under his wing. Marais was an obedient student, and their friendship may not have grown into something more, except that one day Cocteau called his protégé and said:

- “There was an accident”

Marais in horror rushed to Cocteau’s house.

- “There was an accident” – repeated Cocteau when the actor entered the room. – “I fell in love with you.”

Their creative and fruitful love union

lasted for 25 years. It is in honor of Cocteau that the monument was created … Cocteau outlived Marais for 35 years, but he has created a little corner to reunite their love. No wonder Jean Marais was always known for its romantic images of fearless adventurer with an indestructible spirit.


If one day you are passing the square of Marcel Marcel Aymé, stop to take a look at the “Man passing through the wall”, shake his hand (the French say it’s for good luck) and think about Jean Marais and Jean Cocteau, who were able to give each other a quarter-century of happiness, and to give us their unforgettable creations.


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