3D art and light painting at Lab 7 with Mila Nesterova

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While the art genius Bill Viola is concurring the Grand Palais with his hypnotizing works, the creative laboratory Lab 7, after several successful projects, is hosting an exhibition of a talented artist from London, Mila Nesterova, who also creates striking and surprising works with her photo camera and bright imagination.

Light Painting - Exhibition - Paris

Originally Mila was about to become a professional dancer – a ballerina to be more precise. Yet her passion for experimenting, transformation and art found its expression in photography. No longer on theater stage, Mila became a creator of her own unique play in the theater of photography.

Light Painting - Exhibition - Mila Nesterova - Paris

Mila is inspired by different experiments with light, long exposure and UV lighting! The photographer is fascinated by the 3D effect that light painting is able to give to 2D media as a result. The beautiful creatures in Mila’s paintings remind us of the universe created in Daft Punk’s Around the World music video.

Light Painting  - Mila Nesterova - Paris

Each work of the photographer is a unique creation painted with different sources of light. None of her pictures can be repeated. UV light in Mila’s works is transforming everything into a dazzling explosion of colors, hypnotizing the viewer by its generosity.

Light Painting - Exhibition - Mila Nesterova - Paris

This Saturday on the 26th of April in Lab 7 you will be able to see her new series of still life and nudes called “Into the Unknown”, and a slideshow installation with photographer’s bioluminescence fashion and still life series of work, exhibited number of times in London and Moscow.

Light Painting - Exhibition - Mila Nesterova - Paris

Not only you will discover Mila’s works, but you will also be able to meet the photographer and ask her the one question that will probably run through your mind throughout the whole exhibition: “I don’t know how she does it?

Light Painting - Exhibition - Mila Nesterova - Paris - Lab 7

Be sure to check out this cosmic experience at Lab 7 in the heart of Paris at 37 rue des Archives 75004 this Saturday, and don’t be late as your spaceship is leaving in 5…4…3…

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