Lenôtre and Sasha Goldberger at the School Gallery

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These days the district of Marais in Paris offers a very interesting “Food and Design” exhibition hosted by the School Gallery, in the framework of the Paris Design Week.

Sasha Goldberger - Snow white

From 9th to 13th September, visitors are invited to discover the “Super-Show Arty Gourmand”, in which the latest photographic work of the French artist Sacha Goldberger (“Super-Flamands”) is associated with unique pieces made by the great French caterer Lenôtre, using different sugar techniques.

The final result is a very tasty exhibition in which a unique grocery accompanies each portrait made by Goldberger. One of the examples visitors can find is Snow White pictured as if she was a 16th century duchess next to the famous red apple made with blown sugar, or Spiderman presented as a sophisticated duke next to a spiderweb made with pulled sugar!

Sacha Goldberger: “Super-Flamands” and “Mamika” 

Sasha Goldberger - Alice - Super-Flamands - School Gallery

All these portraits are a part of a larger exhibition called “Super-Flamands” hosted by School Gallery from 4th September to 4th October, in which spectators are invited to meet a wide collection of Disney princesses and comic superheroes from all over the world, reinvented by Goldberger’s talent.

The artist invites us to enter his unique world in which he asks himself questions such as “What would happen if Superheroes and Disney Princesses were born in the 16th century?” or “What if Hulk was a duke?”…

With this in mind, Goldberger decides to revive all the characters by following the rules of the Flemish school of painting.

Goldberger already surprised us few years ago: whereas most of photographers would not have even thought about capturing their 90-year-old grandmother wearing a superhero outfit, Sacha Goldberger took the challenge in the early 2000s with his work called “Mamika”… which went viral all across the social media! With this imaginative work he won the My Modern Met award.

Sasha Goldberger - Mamika

For the “Super-Flamands” exhibition, “Mamika” strikes back rocking her superhero costume with a royal touch!

Sasha Goldberger - Mamika - Super Flamands

Sasha Goldberger - Mamika - Super Flamands

© School Gallery
School Gallery (81, Rue du Temple)
- “Super-Show Arty Gourmand” from 9th to 13th September
- “Super-Flamands” from 4th September to 4th October.

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