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On January 18 you will have a chance to visit a great collective exhibition “KROMACITY” that will feature works by: Katre, Gilbert1, Fabien Hominal and Theo Lopez.

These four artists do not forget their techniques and the spirit of the art they practice in the street. But in their studios, their works are deployed by other means: from wood to digital, from assembly to photography. Hence arise works that open up a new field of expression to urban art. They participate in bringing in new shapes and giving them new colors.

Round table “What is the future of Urban Art?”

In 1960, Brassaï published “Graffiti”. ”I like that the person is looking at you frankly,” he said. Brassaï loves art which is expressed directly. Which is unveiled at the sight of everyone, without interference. He seizes it in his goal and prints it. His book will marque the spirits. Graffiti and Street art will follow. Today, urban art is on the rise. The market, even the institutions developed an interest for it. What does this infatuation tell us? What is urban art in particular? What is its future? How far can it go? This is the subject of this roundtable.

Flayer Kromacity


Nicolas Laugero Lasserre: Director of Icart, President of Artistik Rezo, Collector; Stéphanie Lemoine: Journalist; Christian Omodeo: Researcher, Curator, Editor; Justine Bretault: Expert in urban art & collection, Galerist; Round table moderated by Christophe Pouilly: Art diffuser


A graffiti artist in the 90s, Katre has been working for more than ten years to translate the emotions and the attention he pays to abandoned sites. He is impregnated by them first of all before fixing them in his apparatus. Then comes a meticulous silk-screen reproduction. Once the image-monochrome is printed, he launches his stylized K, colored and lively like multiple flashes that electrify the dormant space. Or better, bring it back to life. Katre is one of the leading figures in the urban art scene. From Shanghai to Paris, he practices his art in the wastelands or on the walls of cities in France and abroad. He exhibits in several renown galleries.

Toile Katre


Plastician, sculptor, painter, graffiti artist, photographer, Gilbert1 holds a multidisciplinary practice of urban art. He likes to use “poor materials”, scrap or pluck pieces of wood and then assemble them into a geometry and colors that resonate with the abstract universes of Mirò or the expression of the material of Antoni Tàpies. A worthy heir, but freed, for his compositions, at once destructured and harmonious, violent and gentle, are his very own. Since his first exhibition in 2004 at 24 in Nancy, Gilbert1 has come a long way. In France, of course, but in the Netherlands, Italy and the United States as well. There, Poesia, the “pope of Graffuturism” says of him ‘he lives and breathes art in everything he does’. The art of the passionate.

gilbert1 sculpturemurale

Fabien Hominal

“A good picture must be written like a world,” said Baudelaire. Foisoning, intense, effervescent, contrasted, fragile; the world of Fabien Hominal has everything of our own. To compose it, the artist superimposes the layers. Digital layer first, designed by the assembly of multiple images: overprinting, filling of one image by another, saturation effect, negative / positive transfer … Plastic layer then affixed to the printed image. Here, aerosols, tapes, stencils and other street art techniques emphasize the perspectives, play on contrasts and colors. As a teenager, Fabien Hominal did graffiti on the walls of Toulon. Twenty years later, he practices his art in his studio, retired in a village in the Ardennes. It proves to us that solitude is a sure ally to hear and translate the vibrations of the world.

Fabien Hominal Toile

Theo Lopez

At the age of 27, Theo Lopez is one of those artists, by whom it is difficult to know how far they will go. Since 2008 and his meeting with the collective 9eme concept, he multiplies the experiences. Residences, Art Fair, personal and collective exhibitions… Marseille, Tel Aviv, Paris, Bordeaux, Moscow… the young artist is in great demand. We might fear dispersal, but the evolution of his work shows the opposite. His abstraction is assumed; Its forms begin to vibrate; Its colors tangle and respond. ”Painting is a silent poetry” said an ancient thinker. Theo Lopez, perhaps without even knowing it, inscribed his name in this illustrious furrow.

Theo Lopez toile - I am love

About La Compagnie

La Compagnie is a space for collaboration and exhibition open to art and innovation. Its purpose is to create the conditions for reflection and synergy between people and structures wishing to lead to new forms of organization and expression of our world.

18 January – 28 February 2017
Vernissage & Round Table :
“What is the future of urban art?”
Wednesday 18 January 2017 at 19H00

 Address :
La Compagnie – 5 rue Taylor – 75010 Paris / Free entrance by inscription : or



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