Kate Moss and The Teddy Bears – a fuzzy exhibition

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What do Kate Moss and the Eiffel Tower have in common? That’s right – a beautiful long silhouette and millions of fans all over the world. If you consider yourself a true admirer of the stunning top model, you certainly should check out a photo exhibition with pictures of young Kate Moss at the Art Cube Gallery in Paris until the 31st of March.


The exhibition “Kate Moss – Revelation” is presented by a famous photographer Kate Garner. The image of Kate Moss looking at us from the photos is far from her present image of an international style icon and an elusive muse of rock musicians (Peter Doherty, Jamie Hince) with 25 years of successful career experience. The Kate that we see in the photographs is a young stunningly beautiful girl, daring and shy at the same time.


The shooting was realized in the yearly 90s at the very beginning of Kate’s modeling career when a young but already persuasive Moss was only 16 years old. According to the photographer, after making her first shot of the model, she instantly realized that Kate Moss will achieve great success in what she does.


The image of Kate in the photographs consists of a sweet mixture of spicy and provocative attitude. Wild hair, little black lingerie, eternal high heels and a lucky teddy bear, barely covering model’s naked breasts – that’s the main seduction recipe from the femme-enfant Kate Moss. One thing is for sure – each visitor of the Art Cube Gallery will find something to look at! And strangely enough, 25 years later Kate still astonishes the world with her effortless beauty.

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