Top 5 jazz clubs in Paris. Best places for live music!

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Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.”
 George Gershwin

The season of the jazz festivals in Europe has started. Our blog proposes you to discover the best jazz clubs and bars in Paris. Ready to jazz it up a notch?


Le Duc des Lombards

One of the most famous jazz clubs in Paris is of course Le Duc des Lombards. Founded in 1984, it is located at 42 rue des Lombards, which inspired the name of the place. Cozy, yet very classy, Le Duc des Lombards is an interesting mix of atmospheres. Here you can listen to great performers and feel how sensual music travels through the dim lights.

Duc des Lombards - Jazz Club - Paris

Le Duc des Lombards is typically the place where you forget that you’re in a club and easily imagine you were invited to a friend’s house. There are two floors and you can choose where you want to catch the swing vibes: in front of the stage or at a cute little balcony. The club hosts such great artists as Dominique Fillon, Nicolas Dary, Nir Felder, Alfredo Rodriguez, Big Daddy Wilson and many others.

Duc des Lombards - Jazz Club - Paris

The concert normally costs 30 euros. But one of the best things about Le Duc des Lombards is their Jam Sessions that start after midnight every Friday and Saturday. During jam sessions you can enter the club for free, in exchange you just have to consume a drink. Le Duc des Lombards goes great with red wine by the way, and as the famous jazz musician Steve Lacy said: “Jazz is like wine. When it is new, it is only for the experts, but when it gets older, everybody wants it.” The bravest ones can try themselves on stage in front of a friendly crowd and the luckiest ones can meet their favorite performers.

Sunset & Sunside

Situated at 60 rue des Lombards, Sunset & Sunside form a unique duo with two alongside clubs opened 7 days a week with two concerts every night. Among the muscians performed at Sunset & Sunside are such great names as Miles Davis, Steve Grossman, Magic Malik, as well as Robert Glasper, Kyle Eastwood and Bireli Lagrene.

Sunset-Sunside - Jazz Club - Paris

Sunset was created first, back in 1983 by Michèle and Jean-Marc Portet, and nowadays it is known to be the first jazz bar in the area. The club used to be a usual restaurant, but by the numerous demands of jazz musicians – the regulars of the place – the cavy basement of Sunset was transformed into one of the most famous jazz scenes of its time. The performers loved how the ancient brick walls enriched the sound of their music, and so did the crowd.

Sunset-Sunside - Jazz Club - Paris

© Pascal Bouclier

In 2001 Sunside opened its doors and replaced the restaurant of Sunset. Now, Sunset is dedicated to electric jazz and world music, and Sunside  is devoted to acoustic jazz – jazz on every floor for every style! The ticket for the concert at Sunset & Sunside will normally cost around 20 euros. From 15th to 25th of May 2014 the club will be hosting the Young Talent’s contest with a lot of great new artists.

Autour de Midi

If you enjoy atmospheric jazz clubs with an intimate touch – Autour du Midi is definitely a place you’re searching for! It is situated at the beautiful area of Montmartre at 11 rue Lepic. The club was created in 2001 and since then it has been hosting performances of talented jazz musicians in a very laid-back warm atmosphere in how it’s called “cave au jazz” situated downstairs.

autour-de-midi-Jazz Club - Paris

Here you will find a charming comfy listening room with a small stage. The concerts take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, while Tuesdays and Wednesdays are dedicated to Jam Sessions. Here you will discover the diversity of jazz music with concerts featuring swing, bebop, soul and many other styles. Concerts normally cost around 16€, but with the first drink included.

New Morning

The painting would not be complete without the New Morning. Situated at 7 & 9 Rue des Petites Ecuries, this place is known to be hip and modern. So if you want to jazz it up a notch, this is your place to be!


© Philippe Pirangeli

Live music here is always excellent and diverse. It is at the New Morning that you can listen to some good fusion, free jazz and funk. Spike Lee and Prince were even spotted here enjoying the groove of the night.

Among the musicians performed at the New Morning are Miles Smiles, Billy Cobham, Roy Ayers, Otis Taylor and BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS. And on May 2014 the jazz club will be hosting a contest called Sankofa Soul Contest with some rising stars.


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  1. Brice

    New morning for ever. I really love this place, where the music is the most alive. There are a lot of my favorite artists who enjoy this place so much they come every year, sometimes several times a year. The artists enjoy to play there because the public is living. Prince, Lucky Peterson, Roy Hargrove, Fred Wesley, before he died Gil SCott Heron. The prices are not too expansive and the quality is always there.

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