Jardin Rouge Artistic Residency in Morocco

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This new artistic space has sparked great interest within the profession, media as well as national and international cultural ambassadors. Emboldened by this recognition the Montresso foundation confirms its ambition to emerge as a creative hotspot in Morocco.

Jardin Rouge and Montresso foundation

Indeed since 2007 the Montresso foundation has devoted itself to the creation and development of an artists’ village in the Marrakech region: the Jardin Rouge. Located in the heart of an olive grove, this unique place acts all year long as an authentic artistic oasis where paintings and sculptures by artists in residency flourish.

Thanks to the interest aroused by Jardin Rouge the foundation aspires to take an active part in Marrakech’s artistic growth, by connecting different pictorial, graphic and intellectual approaches within contemporary art.

Jardin Rouge

As a private endeavour, the Montresso foundation is essentially sponsored by its founder and by donations from different partners and art collectors, namely “Friends of the foundation”. Hence, artists’ stays and grants are funded, and the future of the project is guaranteed. Besides, the foundation has always been involved with many non profit organizations and charities by donating artworks to charity events.

But development plans will push the envelop even further. In fact February 2016 will see the first phase of the opening of a public museum that will allow main cultural events to take place and house a permanent exhibition of Montresso’s art collection, which combines the best works by resident artists.

Jardin Rouge

From 2016 the foundation will shine some light on African artists, with Jardin Rouge and its Moroccan facilities consequently used as a showroom. In an era too prone to withdrawal and identity crisis, Jardin Rouge, supported by the Montresso foundation, chooses to invest in openness and sharing. Culture is an amazing tool to dazzle people through encounters and enlighten them through diversity!

New season with RESO and “Terrains de Je”

The last season of Jardin Rouge’s artistic residencies was filled with creative rendez-vous and discoveries. We still have in mind Fenx’s ode to Women, the love melody between the East and the West presented by Cédric Crespel, Kouka’s Bantu warriors and the revelation of new artists such as 310, Ceet, Sy, Denis Tevekov, Kashink and GoddoG!

RESO en résidence à Jardin Rouge

With the event “Terrains de JE”, starting October 12, 2015, Jardin Rouge presents RESO, a key figure of the urban graffiti scene. A must-see exhibition that will last till November 15, 2015.

A child of street culture, Cédric Lascours, aka RESO, grew up in Toulouse. In the Pink City of the 90’s, the skateboard lover and self-taught artist started hanging out in places like the Mini Racing or the Tobacco Manufacture only to end up stumbling across the graffiti world. Eventually he interconnected these two “subversive” disciplines and went ahead with his first tags…

RESO en résidence à Jardin Rouge - Empreinte Turquoise

With an open mind he considered essential to meet and share with fellow artists and joined several crews such as USA, 219, VMD… He is still currently very active within the LCF collective. In the same way hip‐hop transformed pop culture all over the world, graffiti turned out to be a new way of life for RESO.

Obsessed with lettering, the artist built a universe of signs through repetitive rhythms, not unlike magical incantations. His style may seem esoteric, producing an alchemy of opened curves and circles, characteristic of his creation.

At first sight RESO’s work is deceptively akin to primitivism with elementary shapes and colours. But gesture drives his compositions as he seeks for life to break through in his creations.

RESO en résidence à Jardin Rouge

RESO does not claim affiliation to any artistic movement; on the contrary, his creations utter a call to life and mankind that needs to be heard. The existentialism of his canvases and urban productions displays the abstraction of what could merely be mistaken for a series of signs. His symbolic alphabet draws from his artistic playgrounds.

Consequently the artist has built his universe on these territories. He reproduces them in colourful paintings with underlying black patterns in which he chants his name. His visions, alphabets and diversity fashion his work’s singularity where lies a childlike spirit.

During his Moroccan escapade the artist used raw materials to model his creation, playing with objects like jute bags, tin cans, old papers… He makes colour dance within these limitations.

RESO en résidence à Jardin Rouge - Empreinte Rouge

RESO wishes to communicate with elementariness: reds, blues, yellows, greens wander through his works. Repetitive forms make his paintings instantly recognizable. The series composed and presented at Jardin Rouge invites us to a multi-faceted trip between Toulouse’s concrete and the Marrakech’s lands.

As a renowned and respected artist, his work is featured in specialised press. RESO is a key player of the graffiti scene. He is invited in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to take part in urban gatherings. He is also one of the founders of Mister Freeze, an annual exhibition dedicated to alternative culture and set in Toulouse.

The event “Terrains de Je” is both a tribute to urban footprints and a reflection on memory. The artist RESO displays a new corpus of paintings and sculptures that he produced during his artistic residencies at Jardin Rouge and shaped like a dance of wavy letters!

Jardin Rouge – Marrakech
Reso “Terrain de Je”
October 12, 2015 – November 15, 2015


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