Interview with Seth Globepainter

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Seth Globepainter

One of the most famous street artists in the world Julien Malland aka Seth Globepainter has painted amazing murals all over the world. Not only he is a talented artist, but also an experienced journalist. Seth hosted a show about discovering urban art throughout different countries on French television for nearly 5 years. He also wrote several books documenting his travels, including Globe-painter and Extramuros.

The interview was filmed while the artist was preparing for his exhibition “Tribute” at the gallery Geraldine Zberro in Paris. It was his last day in his old studio. The next day he was already in a plane for a new awesome journey … But beforehand he managed to let us get a glimpse of his vibrant universe.

Interview with Seth Globepainter from Your Paris Blog Productions on Vimeo.


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