Interview with Elna and Gab – Brothers of Light from Jerusalem

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Elna and Gab are two talented brothers from Jerusalem. They share their passion for painting and skating all over the world under the name Brothers of Light. In our interview they unveil a little bit of their creative universe.  

What are the origins of the name Brothers of Light?

We started to paint together and then we had an exhibition so we came up with this name for the exhibition and we stick with it ever since. Brothers because we are brothers, and the Light stands in memory of our mom that passed away earlier this year.

How did you start painting and creating? Was your family supportive of your creative initiatives? Why did you choose this path?

We kind of grew up into this path, our parents were always creative and doing most of the things themselves, and they leaded us this way but naturally. This path chooses  us in a way.

Brothers of light - painting - Wurzburg - Germany

Being brothers, does it help your creative process? Would you consider yourself a crew?
How do you influence eachother’s work?

Of course it helps, as brothers we have a similar background and we know well about each other so most of the time it help us to understand things very quickly to be efficient. We rather call it a Project than a crew, each one brings to collaboration just the things we believe can blend together.

Brothers of light - painting - Jerusalem

Do you remember the moment when you said to yourself  “Yep, we have something here, i’m on the right track”?

Probably the most remarkable moment is when we did our first real mural, working on it and doing it felt so naturally to both of us.

Tell us about the central characters of your works. What inspires you to create them? What inspires you in general, in your everyday life? Who would you call your personal inspiration?

We create a new parallel world with his own aesthetic path, filling it with things that are interesting and even humorist sometimes. Going with the flow of life and what inspires us in the same time are the keys to our work. What inspires us the most is the moment it self, conversations we have about the world and life. High topics.

Brothers of light - painting - Jerusalem

Would you call street art an evolution of the art movements? What art movement and painters inspire you the most?

Our connection with the street started much earlier because we both skate since we were young, so it came super naturally. First with stickers and later on painting. Back to your question, yeah it looks like street art is a new art movement. Personally we see our selves as artists who paint outside. Doing our thing. 

Most of our inspiration comes from the pop art movement, but as we already said inspiration can come the most stupid things happening to us along the way, we just adapt them to our own world.

Brothers of light - painting

Would you call yourself a street artists? Who would you like to collaborate with from the art world and in what form of expression?

Yes, with Jeremy Ville.

How would you describe the actual situation in the art world? How would you describe the situation in the art world in Israel?
What is your favorite place to paint in Israel? What are your current projects there?

Mainly in every spot that gets our attention and we think our work will feats good in there! We are busy painting walls outside all the time and we are about to start working on a new exhibition that will take part in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv this spring.

Brothers of light - painting - Spotart jerusalem exhibition

In your opinion, what is the best part and the worst part of being an artist?

The worst part is that you sometime eat on very low budget and best part is that you are your own bo$$.

What was the most challenging piece that you’ve painted?

Challenges are an everyday thing, we just get over them and keep going. Like skaters do.

Brothers of light - painting - Barcelona

If one day you would have to stop expressing yourself through art what do you think you would do?

A political revolution.

You traveled a lot, and you’ve been to some great countries, do you have any dream destination, that you haven’t seen yet?


Brothers of light - painting - Eilat city

How do you prepare yourself before painting in a new country? What do you research?

We always arrive first, feel the vibe for a bit, and after being influenced by the place we create our sketch.

Brothers of light - painting - Wurzburg - Germany

What would you call the most significant and powerful moment that you’ve experienced during your work?

After our mom’s death, all these walls that we painted where a big escape of reality thing, like doing something positive with hard times. Defiantly.

Tell us about your upcoming projects and your Parisian projects. Where can we see your work in Paris or in other parts of the world?

So we are working on a new Brothers of light solo show and each one of us is doing his own stuff as well.
We’ve been Paris in Sep’ for s short visit and painted inside this cool gallery Manufacture 111, we defiantly need to come back again and paint outside!



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