Interview with 3D artist Janne Kyttanen in Amsterdam

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We met 3D printing pioneer Janne Kyttanen in Amsterdam for the International Day of the Orchid for which the artist created a smokin’ stunning installation at the Felix & Foam museum.

Janne Kyttanen 3D artist for the International Day of Orchid

In our interview Janne Kyttanen talks about his passion for art from a very young age, the importance of staying inspired and finding the right balance between business and art, and much more!

Can you tell us a little bit about your participation in the International Day of the Orchid in Amsterdam?

For the orchid day I‘ve designed a sculpture. It’s a collective art piece of 150 pots designed by me and some other creatives, and they come together as a collective art piece, combining 150 different sorts of orchid flowers from all around the Netherlands. Every orchid in every pot is different so I created a big color explosion by using a mirror installation where the flowers and pots come together.

Janne Kyttanen 3D artist for the International Day of Orchid

What inspired you to do the installation?

Inspiration pretty much came from the colorful orchids. So what I wanted to do is to enhance their color, and to create this color explosion by using mirrors. And to put them together in one sculpture.

How long did it take you to finish this wonderful project?

Actually it was quite fast. We only had two weeks time  to make it, but we made a 3D printing to create it, so we were able to make all the pots in time and to create the whole sculpture.

Janne Kyttanen 3D artist for the International Day of Orchid

When did you start using the 3D printing technique?

I started to use 3D about 15 years ago. I am also the creative director of 3D Systems, the biggest 3D printing company in the world. So that way it is easy for me to get these kinds of things realized.

What do you think 3D brings to Art?

Well a lot. You have a lot of freedom to pretty much create whatever you want.

Janne Kyttanen 3D artist for the International Day of Orchid

How did you start creating?

Well I started creating very early. My mother was a fashion designer, so I was making clothing. I was sort of making clothing when I was five years old, then I kind of started programming when I was six years old and my older brother was in 3D animation so it was a good mix for me to get into Art. So I went to ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny in Barcelona and then in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and I graduated 14 years ago from there as an industrial designer. From then on I kept on designing.

Janne Kyttanen 3D artist for the International Day of Orchid

What is your personal inspiration?

Well that’s very difficult to find. Inspiration could come from anywhere. I am a day dreamer. Inspiration can just hit you anytime of the day. But also during my sleep I can just wake up with an idea and I write it down. It’s kind of difficult to define. When I was younger I got a lot of inspiration from the nature, so I think maybe unconsciously those things are following me till today. But if you ask me what exactly is my inspiration, I honestly can’t say.

Janne Kyttanen 3D artist for the International Day of Orchid

Maybe you are still searching?

Yes, and that is the fun part. People are searching all the time and you stay creative, you stay like a young kid.

How do you keep the inspiration and the ideas coming?

By being active,  just being hyperactive and trying new things and mixing all kinds of disciplines: music, photography, design, drawing, computer art, video and so forth. And then the mixture becomes the most interesting one, and the one you’ve never made before.

Janne Kyttanen 3D artist for the International Day of Orchid

What would you call the most difficult part and the easiest part of being an artist?

The easiest part is being creative, and the most difficult part is combining business and arts. I consider it being an expensive hobby. And as a businessman I have a lot of creative ideas as well, but I’m not motivated to always go the full length with those things. So whether you gonna choose the passion, or whether you gonna choose the business, it’s always difficult to combine. It’s a balance.

Janne Kyttanen 3D artist for the International Day of Orchid

As an artist how would describe the city of Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is extremely inspiring, especially during the summer. Winter can be very tough, but it’s a very easy city to live in. It’s a very small village, like going from one place to the other is very easy. There is a lot of creativity here, also the government strongly supports arts, so it’s a very inspiring place for any kind of artist to live in.

And how about Paris? What are your thoughts about Paris?

Paris is fantastic as well! It is a little bit bigger. It’s quite similar actually when it comes to creativity, there is a lot of European influences in a similar way. Parisians are very passionate. I love Paris, I’ve been there many times.

Janne Kyttanen 3D -  artist for the International Day of Orchid

Can you choose one favorite place in Paris and one in Amsterdam?

One favorite place in Amsterdam would be the bridge where I proposed to my girlfriend a couple of months ago, and I would also pick a bridge in Paris where they have all the locks, where i was planning to propose first, but then I just thought I would do it in Amsterdam. But these are very special places to me.

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