International Pillow Fight Day in Paris!

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On Saturday, 5th of April you will have a wonderful opportunity to participate in an original flash mob created especially to awaken sleepy Parisians from hibernation! How about a giant pillow fight?

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At the freshly polished Place de la République all participating pillow fighters will be able to celebrate the International Pillow Fight Day in a creative fun way. On the 5th of April similar flash mobs will take place in 80 different cities, turning the world into a giant pillow fight scene. The information on this flash mob in your city can be found here.

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To make the event even more memorable, this year’s participants are encouraged to dress up as super heroes, animals or their favorite cartoon characters. Bright gag t-shirts, funny pajamas and original accessories are also welcomed.

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The flash mob will begin at 3.00 pm after you’ll hear a special signal. The participants will have 45 minutes to kick out the sleepiness out of everyone while waving their favorite pillow all over the place. At the end of the flash mob you will also hear a signal, which will signify that it is time to collect the trophies from the battlefield – feathers, pillowcases, etc.


If you adore having fun in original circumstances and meeting new people with a similar sense of humor, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the largest pillow fight and learn how to use a studious sleeping accessory in a funky way to awaken yourself and others!


This is not the first giant pillow fight for Paris. Here is a short reportage from the epicenter of last year’s events:

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      We are very happy that you liked the article Mélisande! Looks like a lot of people are looking forward to the event! So do we! Thank you for your creativity and keep us updated with your new great events! ;)
      ps. we will post your new link on our facebook page soon! great video!

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