How to Instagram with a French Touch?

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You like taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram? You are a “this is going to be my best shot” addict or just a fan of great pics? You like walking around the city discovering new places and faces, especially if the city is Paris? Then Insta-walk event is just for you!

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This Sunday the 30th of March prepare your iPhones and photo-cameras to participate in a walk in Paris organized by the Instagram community of France. The concept is to discover unknown beautiful places in the city of magic, take photos and of course share them on Instagram putting a particular hashtag that you will choose all together on the day of the walk. This will help to store all the photos taken by everyone at the same place, just like in a little memory box, only a virtual one.

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And if you are worried that your pics are not going to be cool enough, there’s no problem as you will be surrounded by talented photographers from the Instagram community of France that will gladly share their tips and tricks with you! A great opportunity to meet new people and become a part of a creative crowd, gathered to share their love for the art of urban photography.

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The Insta-walk event takes place every month in the cities all over France and the theme of the walk is always different. The next event is on the 30th of March. You will discover the 16th district of Paris with its intriguing surprises and beautiful mix of architectural styles. The walk starts at 2.45pm in front of the metro Rue de La Pompe. If you want to join the Insta-walk you just have to leave a comment with your name at the Instagram page of the member jcg48 here =>


Everyone is welcome to participate! Come and enjoy this event, that with the help of people’s creativity, will turn a simple walk around the city into a unique, innovative and fulfilling experience! For inspiration and to stay tuned for the agenda of the future Insta-walks you can follow the Instagram pages of jcg48 (sneak peak of his works can be seen in our article) and gaga_one and the Facebook page of the Instagram community of France.

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