Follow the white rabbit… to Derrière bar

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Paris is an amazing city in its kind. It is an absolute kaleidoscope of epochs, cultures, mentalities and, of course, emotions – a real city of wonders? Paris with its magical overtones can sometimes remind you of the Wonderland of Charles Lutwidge Dodgsonm, best know as Lewis Carroll…

There are a couple of places in Paris where you can truly step into the shoes of Alice in Wonderland.


For example, the restaurant Derrière (literally ” behind “), created by the famous Algerian restaurateur Mourad Mazuz . According to Mr. Mazuz , ” kitchen is a bit like a theater, where every night we are on stage “. Restaurant Derrière, hidden in one of the courtyards of the street 69 Gravilliers, certainly keeps a lot of surprises. The place itself has been inspired by the avant-garde apartment – visitors are always asked which of the rooms they would like choose:  the living room , dining room, bedroom … or even boudoir!  This creative idea , according to the owners, provides an opportunity to collect guests as if they were invited to a «house party» every evening.

Once here, you get the feeling that you were invited to a tea party by the Mad Hatter: eclectic decor, incredible paintings, bookshelves that fall on eachother, next to the old lulling furniture and even a vintage motorcycle parked somewhere. There are loads of other intriguing details scattered everywhere, including … a table for ping- pong, where the you can easily imagine the Mad Hatter and March Hare playing a little match, and, of course, mirrors! And you are curious enough, you can try to find a real secret room hidden behind one of the mirrors – in the best traditions of the genre!


All those wonders around you can make you feel hungry, luckily here you can enjoy traditional French cuisine in very decent portions. The originality of this place also extends to the menu, made in the style of the encyclopedia, to tell you in detail about the main ingredient of the dish. In average, an evening spent in the mirror, costs about 45 euros.

The magic of this place can be felt not only in the evening but also during the day, with a nice brunch!

So go ahead and follow the white rabbit … and most importantly, do not be late!

Open every day!

Lunch monday-friday 12pm to 2.30pm

Dinner monday-saturday 8.00pm to 11.30pm

Dinner sunday 8.00pm to 11pm

Brunch sunday from noon till 4.30pm


3 Comments on "Follow the white rabbit… to Derrière bar"

  1. Ivan

    Посетили с друзьями это место, остались более чем довольны: очень классно!

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