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This weekend for all the art lovers there will be a very interesting event. The originality of the venue is worth a look, as it is rare that you get invited to an exhibition not by a gallery or curator, but by the two finest printing houses in town! OTRAD services and H2impression are inviting you to discover the result of their fruitful collaborations with multiple artists. On the 21 and 22 November come touch the ink, the paper, all sorts of different media and enjoy live performances at Espace Marais Marais at 5 bis Rue de Beauce, 75003 Paris for the ART&TOUCH exhibition!

ART&TOUCH Exposition from Your Paris Blog Productions on Vimeo.

The works of the artists, editions on art paper and rigid media and custom products will be available for sale especially for this event.

The line up for ART&TOUCH collective exhibition is truly various with artists from 3 different countries:
Alëxone, Axel Morin, Bault, C215, Clément Laurentin, Difuz, French, ilk, Jean Faucheur, Jerk45, Joachim Romain, Jungle, Katre, Koralie, Lapinthur, Lorenzo, Madame, Marianne Ratier, Mister Pee, Ned, Olivia de Bona, Pokras Lampas, Rero, Romain Froquet, Skio, Stanislas Zanko, Stéphane Carricondo, Stew, Théo Lopez, Tyrsa, Untay, Victor Guerin, Vincent Desailly, Youssef Boubekeur…

One of the guests for the exhibition is an artist from Saint-Petersbourg Pokras Lampas who recently made one of the biggest calligraffities in Russia!

21 novembre – 22 novembre
27 novembre – 29 novembre
Espace Marais Marais
5 bis Rue de Beauce, 75003 Paris
#artandtouch #h2impression #otradservices

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