Exhibitions and music in Paris

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How to occupy yourself in such unpredictable and often rainy Paris? Your Paris has prepared some good music and a list of interesting exhibitions to discover! Singing in the rain and turning the dullness into a colorful kaleidoscope of moods! After such positive emotions, the sun will not resist and will give us some warmth ;)

Bring out the sexy attitude under the rain drops!

Wishing for some great experience during the night time now? … National Museum of Natural History presents an exhibition devoted to the night, where you can discover how nature behaves during this mystical time. Night sky, exotic plants and a lot of other intriguing secrets during the sexy “Night”!


Few minutes of inspiration with amazing Madonna!

Inspired? Now you can go to the exhibition “Head in the Clouds” at the Museum of the Post, where you can check out paintings, drawings, photos and even pages from old atlases devoted to clouds.


Romantic mood from A-HA… Getting under the blanket and thinking about our first love…

Preserving a romantic mood, visit the exhibition “For the love of Paris” at Hotel de Ville. The iconic photographer of XXth century Brassai has created stunningly beautiful pictures of Paris, that are really worth seeing!


Temptations – Old School is always in vogue!

You can continue with the retro mood by visiting a rather curious exhibition “Barbie – retro chic” at the Museum of Dolls of Paris, where you can discover more than 50 Barbie dolls created in the 60s!


And of course our favorite classic – take your umbrellas and let’s go jump in the puddles!

Feeling like you want to see a musical? “Beauty and the Beast” straight from Broadway is now on the Parisian stage of the Mogador theater!


PS: And if you don’t feel like dancing we know who can make you smile ;)

And a futuristic exhibition devoted to “Star Wars” will also give you some fun experience!


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  1. David

    I love Paris in the springtime and now in Winter too! rain, sleet or snow and when it comes to snow I never thought you could try skiing in the city! :) and now next stop Vaires Torcy, thanks for the pointer

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