Exhibition and event: XXL at Jardin Rouge Marrakesh

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This January the new Montresso Foundation contemporary art space, that opened during the Marrakech Biennale in April 2016 with a retrospective exhibition of the artist Gérard Rancinan’s work, is hosting the exhibition and event: XXL #1, in partnership with David Pluskwa Art Contemporain.

The Montresso Foundation is making this an annual artistic event based on the topic of monumentality. Attending this inaugural edition will be iconic artists from a generation imbued with counter-culture and urban culture: Cédrix Crespel, Fenx, Tilt and JonOne.

XXL-1_Cédrix-Crespel_Espace-Montresso_Marrakech©FannyLopez-HD (8)

Four different outlooks take the artists beyond the usual scope infiltrating the venue, pervading the floor and the entire space. From figuration to abstraction, these artists coerce viewers into reflecting upon the deconstruction of the linguistics of contemporary art and graffiti. Through an open dialogue Cédrix Crespel, Fenx, Tilt and JonOne examine articulations, passage points and the contrasts between their artistic approaches.

Beyond the simple erotic charge, Cédrix Crespel takes undisguised pleasure in painting his muses with their explicit consent and the most intimate of intentions. Unabashed sensuality is clearly part of his visual vocabulary. He places women on a pedestal. They rewrite the codes of love and femininity…The change in scale of the works bestows them with an entirely new lyrical power. The range of colours is overwhelming and reveals a unique depth. Faced with this increase in size, the beholder no longer observes the artistic world of Cédrix Crespel from the outside, but from within the work where the invisible becomes visible.


Fenx presents his contemporary warriors. The artist is committed to change public perception depicting the female body with a positive approach. This man who loves women paints his heroines in a world of perfectly polished bright colours. His warriors are allegories in tribute to the emancipation of women. Fenx re-appropriates letters around the female body, that becomes, through a play on words, a key component of tangible female sensuality and fills the image with strong emotions. His normal women consume the world and dazzle us with their imposing presence.


For Tilt work and life coexist. His artistic expression stems from his unauthorised practices. Tilt is a radical and unique artist developing a return to an anti-aesthetical approach based on destruction, disintegration and deletion. Tilt likes to break rules. He plays upon the dislocation of planes, textures and density. The paint is manhandled whether projected, sprayed or dripped. For the exhibition XXL, Tilt presents an installation and four large format canvases. He reveals a frontal view of his artistic world, where symbols and references to this daunting legacy of graffiti are concealed and juxtaposed in order to filter a perfect synthesis of the street.


JonOne’s Intense and brutal painting exults in close combat with the artist. There is a fundamental freedom of gesture with a frenzy of colours that he obtains from the city and the urban world. His works display great freedom incorporating both improvisation and composition. JonOne embraces the street and is indeed a graffiti legend.


For over 30 years he has questioned the same problem of the urban environment, the breakdown of norms and non-conformism. It is painting for its own sake rather than illustrative painting. On monumental canvases in Morocco, he works and reworks his alphabet, compulsively exploring the use of repetition, marks, tagging and material. He accelerates the process of the deconstruction of characters for an in-depth look at his private world.

In turn, Cédrix Crespel, Fenx, Tilt and JonOne transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to dispel the idea of monumentality and present “one” history of contemporary art. Through major pieces, the four artists formulate a relevant debate on the very essence of this generational committed painting incorporating abstraction, pop art, graffiti and conceptual art. .

Montresso Art Space, Marrakesh, MOROCCO
In partnership with David PLUSKWA Art Contemporain.
Visits only by appointment the Fridays and Saturdays at info@montresso.com

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