eL Seed and the Art of Calligrafitti

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“Love is the miracle of civilizations.”
― Stendhal

Combining graffiti and Arabic calligraphy, French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed created an amazing mural on a monumental façade of the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) in Paris.

eL Seed - Calligrafitti - Institut du Monde Arab

eL Seed painted a wall of 800m2 with an original “calligraffiti” in blue and silver. The art work has been inaugurated last Thursday on the 12th of June, in the presence of his excellency the ambassador of Tunisia Adel Fekih, the founder of Galerie Itinerrance Mehdi Ben Cheikh and the President of the IMA, Jack Lang.

The project with the Institut du Monde Arabe

Incorporating elements of both the graffiti and Arabic calligraphic traditions, eL Seed is known for his unique style, which uses intricate compositions to call not only on the words and their meaning, but also on their delicate movements which fascinate the viewer.

His work for the Institut du Monde Arabe was inspired by a quote from Stendhal – “Love is the miracle of civilizations “- translated into Arabic. “For me, it sums up the spirit of the IMA, which brings different cultures together, being a bridge between East and West”, says eL Seed.

The journey

The young artist (born in 1981) has quite a portfolio. His art was born on the streets of Paris, and now enhances walls across every continent. He painted in Montreal, Berlin, Tunis, Doha, Dubai, Chicago, Los Angeles… and of course in Paris (including the famous project of Galerie Itinerrance – Tour Paris 13).

eL Seed - Calligrafitti - Tour Paris 13

The book by eL Seed

The inauguration of the mural was followed by a book signing. Indeed eL Seed has published his first book called “Lost Walls. A calligraffiti journey through Tunisia”, showcasing his amazing works in different corners of the country, where lost or forgotten walls now proudly carry the messages of the artist. The book was published in French (Editions Gourcuff Gradenigo) and in English to the great joy of fans of the artist throughout the world.

eL Seed - Lost Walls

Inspired by the reactions to his largest project to date, the minaret of the Jara mosque in his ancestral home of Gabes, eL Seed decided to set out on this personal journey across his motherland, painting “lost” walls along the way.

eL Seed - Lost Walls

This book provides a unique and rare insight into the world of calligraffiti and poetically documents these walls. It is a journey of discovery for eL Seed, who chronicles the painting of 24 walls in four weeks.

The fans of Star Wars will be glad to find out that eL Seed also painted on the set of their favorite movie. ”When it comes to Onk El Jmel, where Star Wars was filmed, the tour guides feed into the popular idea that this place has been revived by a rise in tourism.

eL Seed - Lost Walls

I wanted to see for myself what it was really like. After a long ride, I finally cast my eyes on the childhood village of the star warrior himself. Of Hollywood décor, all that remains is a couple of abandoned huts devoured by sand. Standing here, I find myself in the heart of a deserted tourist trap“…

The full story in the book, that will certainly take you on a journey!

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