Dive in the Universe of Bill Viola at the Grand Palais

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Thirsty for culture? Starting from the 5th of March and until the 21st of July a true splash of creativity can be found at the exhibition at the Grand Palais. American contemporary artist Bill Viola, a true innovator, working in the genre of video art for over 40 years, is presenting his breathtaking works in Paris.


After graduating from Syracuse University and getting a bachelor’s degree and later a doctorate in Fine Arts, Bill Viola goes on a creative journey. In the early 70s the artist travels the world and seeks inspiration in different cultures and religions, such as Zen Buddhism, Sufism and Christian mysticism. Viola works in USA, Japan, Italy and Australia, studying electronic music and collaborating with renowned contemporary artists.


The gained experience helps the artist to determine the main ideas of his work – man’s inner world, its emotional state, the mysteries of the subconscious, the boundaries of time and space, birth and death. In his works, the artist uses light, color and, of course, one of his most favorite type of expression – music.

An impressive show expects the visitors at exhibition at the Grand Palais. The art pieces of Bill Viola will be played on 50 screens showing the hypnotizing works of the artist. Videos with the duration from 7 to 35 minutes immerse the viewer in the special world of Bill Viola, where people come into contact with the elements of fire and water and face their own emotions and overcome their fears.

Bill Viola himself had to deal with his own fears when, at the age of six, vacationing with his family in the mountains, he nearly drowned in the lake. The artist has managed to turn this dangerous yet liberating experience into an inspiring element of his work, which allowed the author, in his words, to overcome fear and find harmony and peace.


Throughout his career the works of the artist have been shown in such museums as the National Gallery, Guggenheim Museum and MOMA in New York. By the way, Bill Viola also managed to work in Russia. In 2005 his works were shown at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow and in 2008 Viola participated in the production of “Tristan and Isolde” at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint-Petersburg. Interesting fact – the youngest son of the artist is named after Andrei Tarkovsky.

While discovering the digital frescos of the artist, keep in mind the advice of Bill Viola: “Don’t think about art – live it!”.


Exhibition of Bill Viola can be visited from 5th of Mars until the 21st of July. Every day from 10am to 10pm, until 8pm on Sundays and Mondays. Full rate: 13 euros. Reduced : 9 euros. Address: Grand Palais, 3 avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008.

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