Dance at the Louvre museum!

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In March the Louvre will appear in a whole new light to a great delight of its visitors. Marble floors will turn into a dancing platform and the world-famous paintings and sculptures – into a unique scenery of the performance.


30 dancers of the Paris Conservatory will tell you the story of the Louvre’s masterpieces through the movement of the body. In their dancing pas, the troupe of the choreographer Jean-Christophe Paré, inspired by the Baroque epoch, portray love affairs of the royal court and the struggle for power and influence.


12 musicians will help the dancers to capture the atmosphere of the epoch, playing music of the composer Jean-Philippe Rameau.


The dancing museum can be seen from the 7th to the 14th of March from 7pm. After such a performance, the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile is likely to be solved.

2 Comments on "Dance at the Louvre museum!"

  1. Yana

    Когда Терпсихора встрачает Клио ;)
    Это неоходимо увидеть!!! Уверена, эмоциональный заряд позитивных эмоций обеспечен!

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