Converse Clash Wall in Paris

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To celebrate the Spring 2014 version of their iconic Chuck Taylor 70, Converse has announced a series of colorful installations all around the world. Converse Clash Wall project brought together artists from 16 cities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to show the bright and quirky spirit of Chuck 70 “in a gray world.”

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

For two weeks, French artists Alëxone and Supakitch took over the historical house Pavillon des Canaux on the Canal de l’Ourcq in Paris. The two friends painted the house inside and out to an amazing effect: a unique piece of art opened for all to discover.

Since the 10th of May, Converse squats the Canal de l’Ourcq with its new space dedicated to artistic creation. Street artists Alëxone and Supakitch painted the Pavillon des Canaux inspired by the iconic Chuck Taylor, and worked on various colorful and original installations to showcase the popular Converse sneaker.

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

Also the artists have been inspired by the ideas of fans who participated in the project by tweeting their creative ideas to the artists under the hashtag #clashwall.

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

The collaboration is a true success and Pavillon des Canaux is becoming a great place to hang out for summer. You can visit different surprising rooms and have a drink on a cosy terrace.

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

Mobile Vinyl Recorders

One of the rooms in the Pavillion was dedicated to vinyl records and showcases interesting music installations.

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

The equipment is brought by two audio engineers from the Mobile Vinyl Recorders company based in Seattle and Tucson, with a passion for making vinyl records.

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

They use restored vintage disc cutting lathes to create records, one-at-a-time, in real time.

Having a drink surrounded by awesome creatures painted by the artists and cool music played by the Mobile Vinyl Recorders, makes you feel like you are in a somewhat street art wonderland!

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

And as for the artists…


Born in Paris in 1976, Alexander Dizac discovered graffiti in the early 90s. Starting from 2000, he developed his technique on paper and canvas, while continuing to explore the urban territories with his writing and his surreal characters.

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

Today by some he is considered as one of the most important artists of his generation. He also participated in the biggest street art project La Tour 13 in Paris.


Born in Bagnolet in 1978, SupaKitch works between Paris, Biarritz, LA and NY. Composer of graphic melodies, he plays with colors as a musician plays with notes, with Asian and pop-romantic influences. Supanimals, populating his paintings, create bright symphonies for the eyes.

Converse Clash Wall - Pavillon des Caneaux

His first graffiti date back to 1992 and today he is exhibited all over the world. SupaKitch had his first solo exhibition in 2007, when he joined the prestigious Galerie Elegance in Taipei.

Make sure that this summer you visit this funky place by the canal at least once! Burst of color and good mood is guaranteed!

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