Ideas for a weekend getaway – Caillebotte at Yerres

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Caillebotte family estate at the town of Yerres is a great place for a weekend getaway. Here you can have a lovely walk, discover the sights that inspired famous impressionist paintings and feel the artistic spirit of the place, situated only 20 minutes from Paris!

Yerres - Caillebotte - Potager

This privileged place has kept Caillebotte’s souvenir very much alive. It is here that the painter used to spend his sunny days during the first thirty years of his life. Here you will be able to attend a temporary exhibition (till the 20th of July 2014), dedicated to 43 exceptional impressionist paintings, created at Yerres by Gustave Caillebotte.

Yerres is situated about twenty kilometers in the South-East of Paris. Gustave Caillebotte was 12 years old when his parents settled in their family estate at Yerres that became their summer residence. From 1875 to 1879 he painted some of his most important pieces in the family estate.

Yerres - Caillebotte - Parc

This place has been fundamental for the inspiration of the artist, as it offered many ideas to paint, with the park, the river, the garden, that became subjects of the creative compositions of Caillebotte. It was the period that defined the style of the painter, with his modern subjects represented in a new way, which will make him one of the most original impressionist painters of all time.

Yerres - River - Caillebotte

The paintings he made ​​in the family estate at Yerres is an essential part of the artistic revolution brought by the impressionists. These are the works that will be shown at Yerres during the exhibition. In the paintings you will be able to see the places that inspired Caillebotte.

Yerres - Gustave Caillebotte - Exhibition

Since 1973 the Caillebotte family estate belongs to the town of Yerres which has completely renovated it, and has allowed the family estate to regain his appearance of the Caillebotte time, with its large white house decorated with colonnades called  ”Casin”, its farm called “Ferme Ornée” transformed into an exhibition center, its orangery, its ice chamber, its garden and a beautiful park of 11 hectares bordered by the river.

Yerres - Caillebotte - Ferme Ornee

If you are curious for more interesting places to visit, you should pay attention at the train stations: as to encourage Parisians to discover other interesting towns close to Paris, SNCF Transilien gives away a free guide in all the train stations of Ile-de-France, inviting all the travelers to explore the cultural heritage of the region by offering ideas of beautiful places to visit (parks, museums, architectural heritage, etc.).

Yerres - Caillebotte - Parc

It is a great opportunity to make the best out of the dezoning RATP initiative, that permits everyone, who has a Navigo pass, to travel from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight all around Ile-de-France with no extra cost.

Yerres - Caillebotte - Orangerie

For more weekend getaway ideas, you can also visit Auvers-sur-Oise that also has a lot to offer in the framework of the cultural festival “Sur les Pas de Van Gogh”.

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