Douce France by C215 at Galerie Itinerrance

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Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.
― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

The renowned French stencil artist C215 aka Christian Guémy made ​​his impressive return to the Galerie Itinerrance (which already fulfilled some awesome projects this summer) for a new exhibition entitled “Douce France” with great paintings and his famous post boxes.

Douce-France-C215-Galerie Itinerrance

At a time when the concept of “Made in France” comes back strongly in the media and the political discourse, the artist chooses to bypass the usual codes, reverse some ideas by making a subjective, biased and willingly provocative exhibition.

Douce-France-C215-Galerie Itinerrance

To interpret the cultural history of contemporary France in a few works and installations is an unusual and ambitious project for the artist, who tries to restore his vision of the French identity while honoring the popular symbols of his childhood.

Douce-France-C215-Galerie Itinerrance

The exhibition is accompanied by the release of an eponymous book by the publishing house Critères Éditions, which brings together fifty portraits of popular figures, and has the surprising title of “Douce France, from Emile Zola to Brigitte Lahaie”.

Douce-France-C215-Galerie Itinerrance

If you want to discover what happens when Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Pierre Richard and other famous French icons become a center of a street art masterpiece, you should definitely visit the exhibition by the remarkable C215!

Douce France-C215-Galerie Itinerrance

PS: In parallel, Palais Bénédictine (at Fécamp) celebrates the work of C215 in an exhibition that is also dedicated to the theme of “Douce France” with a series of objects revisited by the artist (from 14th of June till the 9th of September 2014). It is a great opportunity to discover the art of C215 while visiting a magnificent palace!

Douce-France-C215-Galerie Itinerrance

7 bis rue René Goscinny 75013 Paris
20th of June till 5th of July 2014

110 rue Alexandre Le Grand 76400 Fécamp
14th of June till 9th of September 2014

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