Best romantic restaurants in Paris – For hungry hearts!

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There is nothing better than a lovely restaurant in the city of romance and desire. We tested a list of great and unique restaurants for a perfect romantic date in Paris!


For those who wish to light some fire in their relationship, a few steps from Champs Elysees, there is an Asian restaurant KOKO HANA, where, with the help of a brave cook, meat performs acrobatic pirouettes, flying up to the ceiling and elegantly landing on a hotplate! And if you order a banana in chocolate sauce, you can see a real fire show!

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KOKO HANA cool trick is that all dishes are prepared right in front of you on a huge hotplate. Here you can taste foie gras, that just melts in your mouth, tender meat, fish in teriyaki sauce, green tea ice cream and, of course, banana in cognac with chocolate sauce.


For those who search for a more romantic mood, we advise SUR UN ARBRE PERCHÉ. Here, everything will help you to relax: cozy sofas with huge pillows in soft pastel colors, wooden furniture, cute plants. And most importantly, instead of the usual chairs, here you will be sitting on a swing! While dangling your feet, you can taste some delicious French cuisine with originally presented design. By the way, a perfect gift for the date can be a massage that you can offer to your beloved in a specially equipped cabinet right in the restaurant!


For romantic occasions the restaurant prepares a special menu with foie gras and a sauce made with roses, for example.


For those who want to get on the cloud number nine on romantic date, we can propose KONG. KONG is both a lounge bar and a French restaurant, located on a huge glassed-in terrace, which offers an unforgettable view of Paris.


Ceiling with frescoes in Asian motifs, transparent furniture and a bar, decorated with cherry blossoms, will be the ideal decoration for the original evening with your beloved.



And for those who lack tenderness and warmth, we can prescribe CAFÉ DES CHATS. In this café you will be pleased to enjoy your meal in the furry company of real cats. All pets here are very affectionate; therefore you will not be able to leave this place without some fuzzy attention! Under the gentle purring in CAFÉ DES CHATS you can taste some homemade desserts.



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