For curious hearts on St.Valentine’s Day – best romantic exhibitions

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What those who are in love could do on St.Valentine’s Day? YOUR PARIS offers its readers a selection of interesting activities for this special romantic day.

Cover your soulmate with flowers

What if, instead of a banal bouquet of flowers, you presented your beloved one with 1001 orchids? On February 13th, the main greenhouse of Jardin des Plantes is opening an exhibition entitled “1001 Orchids” dedicated to these beautiful flowers.


Here you can enjoy a variety of different orchid species from the five continents!

The beauty of the flowers will be accentuated with a modern design, as well as with decorations recreating the rainforest, and even its sounds. Jardin des Plantes promised several surprises: the museum will show very rare species of orchids. Surely a great place where lovers can share their passion for flowers! This blooming exhibition will last until March 10.

Plunge into the deep ocean of passion

On St.Valentine’s Day in The Aquarium of Paris you will be able not only to observe the inhabitants of the deep sea and ocean in the beautiful illuminations, but also to enjoy a glass of champagne, especially prepared for February 14th!


The underwater kingdom consists of more than 10,000 species of fish. And when you gain some courage after a glass of champagne, you might want to take a look at the largest aquarium in Paris, where 30 sharks swim in 30 million liters of water! The combination of romance, extreme sensations and sparkling drinks will not leave your beloved indifferent!

Believe in fairy tales

On St.Valentine’s Day the cinema network Etoile offers its visitors a second ticket for free! A great chance to see the beautiful movie theater La Pagode, for example. This cinema is located in an ancient Japanese pagoda, which strikes with its beauty.


Our favorite movie journalist Julie Brando recommends to see “Beauty and the Beast”, with talented Vincent Cassel, starring in one of the most famous love stories filmed by the director of the “Brotherhood of the Wolf”. Visually baroque, the picture reminds of the fantastically beautiful illustration of our favorite fairy tale, with lulling echoes of the adaptation by Jean Cocteau.


Protect your beloved one

The most daring can celebrate the holiday in a castle with ghosts, where vampires, werewolves and ghosts in a very reliable form will tell you the most scarry urban legends. Manoir de Paris invites you to a party called Dark Valentine.


This Valentine’s Day will surely be remembered by your beloved one, which will want to hold you very strongly.

Discover new secrets together

There are interesting thematic tours on St.Valentine’s Day in Paris. Lovers, accompanied by a guide, will be able to learn all Parisian romantic secrets, visit the garden of the hotel Amour, admire the wall of Love and even participate in a romantic photo shoot!


And those who want to learn some spicy stories can go on a guided tour about the history of Paris’ brothels!


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  1. Alexander

    I had absolutely no idea where to take my girlfriend that day. I knew all the usual places like Champs-Elysees or Montmartre would be overcrowded and there would be no place for us to feel like left to ourselves so I tried to google something and luckily I found this. Really, I must thank this site for this post as going to this flower place was just a jackpot (together with saying ‘honey, my gift for you is a million flowers’ haha) and I actually enjoyed Valentine’s Day myself as well!

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