Alexandre D’Alessio Exhibition at L’Arrière Boutique

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If you happen to be wondering what artistic exhibition to visit in Paris, the solo show by the renown French artist Alexandre D’Alessio deserves your attention, specially if you are curious enough to find out what hybrid characters, straight out of a fantasy borrowed from old technical journals look like on canvas!

Alexandre D’Alessio is a member of the 9eme concept since 2009. He exhibits his work in Paris and in France since 2012. In 2015, he was the co-founder and artistic director of the residence “AUX TABLEAUX !” An artistic residency of four months, that brought together forty artists confirmed, national and international, followed by four months of exhibition.

 Alexandre D'Alessio - painting on wood

Alexandre D’Alessio grew up in the streets of Marseille. As far back as he can remember, he always had a pencil in his hand. In his own work, the artist develops an almost original analogy to him: the body and the mechanics. His childhood spent in the middle of industrial areas and workshops, he kept a strong taste for mechanisms. Thus, he creates a universe of hybrid characters, straight out of a fantasy borrowed from old technical journals, an almost surgical world where the artist dissects, disassembles and redraws the body. This return to its own fundamentals takes the name of Automates and showcases for the first solo exhibition of the artist in Paris back in 2012.

 Alexandre D'Alessio - painting

Fascinated as much by the anatomy of the human body as well as by the machinery of things, the artist gradually dissects emotions: his bodies, naked, timeless, are never the puppets of a narrative will, but they take on the allegorical role that envelopes exacerbated feelings. The study of the line remains one of the key links in his work.

 Alexandre D'Alessio - painting

His drawing practice is violent, the boundaries of technology and imagination are repelled. In constant research, production is rich and scans very diverse forms of plastic expressions, up to the installation and volume.

 Alexandre D'Alessio - painting on wood

Solo Show Alexandre D’Alessio – Une histoire vieille comme le monde (A Story as Old as the World)
Vernissage Thursday 4 February 2016 at 6.30pm
Exhibition 4 February – 13 February 2016 (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm)
at L’Arrière Boutique
7 rue de Capri
75012 Paris

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